5 Facts About Day Trading with Meta Trader 4 Platform

Meta trader 4 is an online platform used by traders to trade financial assets. There are over 100,000 users who have made use of meta trader platform. Each of these meta trader 4 users have their own strategies and investing methods.

There is no one size fits all meta trader 4 solution that works for all meta trader 4 users as every meta trader 4 user’s needs are different.

  1. Investing is simple with meta trader 4 platform

This meta trader 4 platform has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy for someone who have never traded before to invest their money in stocks and shares. There is a varied choice of expiry times which ranges from as short as 2 minutes to as long as a year. Meta trader 4 allows the meta trader 4 user to make transactions using over 30 financial instruments from indices, stocks and warrants, commodities and currencies.

  1. Is Meta Trader 4 Good For Day Trading?

Meta trader 4 platform allows the meta trader 4 users to buy and sell shares, commodities, currencies etc. Any financial instrument which is traded on different exchanges can be traded using this platform.

Meta trader 4 is one of the most established online trading platforms in existence today. It was first released in 2005 by Metaquotes software corporation. Since its release, it has undergone many different renovations to its current version which is the 4th version.

  1. The Different Types Of Meta Trader 4 Platform Fees

Meta trader 4 offers meta trader 4 users 3 types of trading fees depending on their preferred level of service.

The first level of service is the basic service which has no extra fees apart from the meta trader 4 trading fee. The other levels, Pro and Unlimited offer traders with advanced features such as analysis or charting tools. Each service comes with its own price tag which ranges from $30 to $300 per month depending on which level of service you desire.

  1. Meta Trader 4 Platform Is Transparent

Meta trader 4 platform is transparent in all its operations which means that you are guaranteed safety of your funds as it operates with the highest levels of transparency.

Meta trader 4 works on a client to server model where the meta trader 4 users’ account information is stored on their servers. All the transactions of meta trader 4 users are done via online Meta Trader 4 platform.

  1. Commissions and Charges For Using This Trading Platform

Unlike many other trading platforms, there is no commission charged for using this software.

Meta trader 4 allows you to undertake unlimited deals which means that there is no limit on how much you can trade on this platform. This allows the meta trader 4 user to focus purely on their investments and not be distracted with transaction charges or commissions.

However, there is a meta trader 4 trading fee of 0.04 per cent which ranges from $10 to $50 depending on what service you subscribe to, Pro or Unlimited services.

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