College application essays come into play once you would sign up for a scholarly course in college or university. This is nothing but a document that carries your own opinion, voice and perspectives regarding academic goals, what value you would wish to add and other aspects. Writing an application essay for college admissions isn’t a challenge.

However, the challenge lies elsewhere. Admission officers tend to remain in haste while reading through hundreds and thousands of application essays. So, your job is to make an impression of excellence and grab their attention within an exceptionally short period of time.

From framing the right essay research proposal and introductory note to using relevant references and voicing your opinion, an application essay requires you to check on a lot many things. So, it is crucial for you to master the art of essay writing to produce standout contents.

Wondering how? Here’s everything you need to know.

1.      Begin with a compelling introduction

Since it’s an application essay, you got to be careful with the aspect of introducing it in the first place. The administration officers will probably tend to rush through the essay. But your job is to keep them hooked to the write-up right from the very beginning.

  • Here are some suggestions that will come into play.
  • Come up with a vividly elaborated paragraph.
  • Do not sound desperate or overly compelling in any way
  • Make sure that the introduction gives your readers a clear idea of what they can expect in the main body paragraphs.
  • Start on a generic note and gradually get into the other nitty-gritty elemental areas in the essay as you would proceed with the main body paragraphs.

2.      Use your own voice and opinion

All leading universities look for application essays that are real, self-opinionated and vivid in terms of putting across certain perspectives. There’s no point in using others’ words and expressions to frame the essay. Rather, you should sound original.

Here are some helpful tips for pulling you through the challenges.

  • Use your knowledge and insights to talk about or elaborate on the particular subject matter.
  • Make sure the segment reflects your determination, skills and desire to pursue the scholarly course.
  • Do not copy or paraphrase other essays, phrases and famous sayings to make false impressions on the administrative supervisors.
  • Stick to original slants and come up with words and expressions that are entirely yours.

Remember, in college application essay, there’s no room for duplicity in any form or shape.

3.      Endorse genuine appreciation and acknowledgements

Do not go over the top with your words of appreciation. Whether you are appreciating the college infrastructure or talking about yourself, do not exaggerate. You don’t need to take things to the extent that makes your claims irrelevant, larger than life and unbelievable.

Here are some ideas on how to go about this complexity.

  • State real facts, events and instances instead of copying or referring to what others have done in the past.
  • Do not talk about the lesser relevant facts and data. Instead, highlight instances or real-life lessons that have created an impact on you.
  • If you wish to pen down a couple of sentences in appreciation of the college/university, then keep it real.
  • Use real figures, talk about its alumni, highlight the real achievements and accolades registered in the name of the particular college or university.

4.      Stick to your plan and maintain a smooth flow

You should maintain a smooth, uninterrupted flow throughout the essay paper. Readers should not find things incomplete or irrelevant in the middle of everything. This is the reason why you should focus on outlining the essay and going about it according to the right format.

Take a look here to gain insights into the application essay outline.

  • Chalk out the plan and create the outline based on what you wish to include in the introductory note.
  • Define how you choose to accumulate certain references and use them in support of your claims in the essay.
  • Frame the main body paragraphs and their key essentials with unique ideas that could voice your opinion best.
  • Plan how do you wish to approach the concluding note and wrap up the essay accordingly.

Update each of these essentials on a sticky note, keep it handy and refer to it often.

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5.      Revise the entire essay thoroughly, from scratch

Lastly, leave no stone unturned to revise your application essay from scratch. Since, college application essay is a tad different from its contemporary counterparts, you should revise the paper more critically.

Here are some suggestions for you to consider in this context.

  • Keep an eye for silly grammatical mistakes such as subject-verb disagreement, misplaced pronouns, wrong adjectives and the likes.
  • Also, make sure that the essay is thoroughly referenced and well-cited according to the preferred referencing style.
  • Check and confirm whether you have included the right background details, facts and figures.
  • See if the references drawn or the expressions put across are entirely yours, in all aspects.
  • Revise the essay further and look for lengthy sentences and improper punctuations.

To End With,

Now that you are aware of the ten essential tips to ace your college application essay, read through the blog more closely, analyse its key elements and embrace the best practice.

Here’s wishing an academically prosperous tomorrow for you.

Good luck!