5 luxurious items people of London dream to own

It’s everyone’s dream to live in luxury. But the degree of luxury depends upon the amount of money you have. People who have excess money can own things which are beyond the means of the middle class people. These things can range from expensive cars to expensive clothing and jewellery. Here are some of the most luxurious items owned by the wealthy that people of London dream to own one day.

Private planes

The wealthy people like to travel in luxury and therefore like to splurge on their own transport that can operate according to the schedules and wishes. American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos own a private plane which is worth 65 million dollars. A wealthy businessman in Russia by the name of Alisher Usmanov is known to have a private aircraft that costs a three hundred and fifty million dollars. There is no cap when it comes to the amount which the rich can pay for an aircraft. A Prince from Saudi Arabia once sold is private jet known as “The Flying Palace” to an unknown buyer for a whopping five hundred million dollars.


Diamonds are colourless precious gemstones that are primarily used in making jewellery such as bespoke engagement rings hatton garden. The cost for diamonds can range from a few hundred dollars to millions depending on the size, quality and the rarity of it. The Queen of England owns some of the most coveted diamonds in the World. The Cullinan diamond, also known as the Great Star of the Africa, is the world’s largest diamond weighing about 530 carats that is a part of the Crown Jewels. Other well-known diamonds that are a part of Crown Jewels is Cullinan II and Kohinoor.

Private Island

Rich people who have enough to spare can have the luxury of buying their own private island. Imagine having your own island that you can go to for a relaxing vacation any time you want. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has bought a small island just off the coast of Belize and is now turning it into and eco resort. Other wealthy people who are included in the list of island owners are Sir Richard Branson and Larry Ellison.

Luxury Cars

Luxury Cars are something that most people like to buy and splurge on when they are rich. Some of the wealthiest people in the world actually have a collection of them. For example, Bill Gates has several luxury cars that he accommodates in 23 garages. This collection includes a Porsche 911 which is a supercar. Elon Musk has a Lotus Espirit car that can turn into a submarine under water.

Expensive watches

Those who love wearing watches tend to splurge on them. The rich people love to buy luxury watches worth millions. These watches are extremely stylish and can be worn alongside an equally expensive diamond tennis bracelet. Brands such as F. P. Journe have watches whose price range begin at 30000 dollars. Other expensive watch brands are Patek Philippe and Richard Mills.

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