Time has long gone when one of the mandatory things to sell something was a shop. Presently, people are living in an era where there exists a parallel virtual world with virtual shoppers, virtual salespersons, and virtual suppliers. When it comes to online sales and purchase Amazon is a leading name. It has become a one-click shopping destination for many people across the globe. If you want to sell your products on the Amazon marketplace then consider hiring a reliable consultant first. They are well aware of the tactics and technical details of virtual selling platforms like Amazon. Howbeit, before you move towards hiring Amazon optimization consultants ask the following questions:

1.      Are you an experienced Amazon SEO consultant?

At present, Amazon claims to ship more than 45 million products in different countries of the world. Any time the customer can visit the online shopping platform of Amazon and order what he needs. If you want to sell your product via Amazon then it is understood that the aim is to increase sales. An experienced Amazon consultant can help in devising such a strategy that would not fail in serving the purpose of increasing the product sales. Thereby, always about the experience of the consultant. An expert would know Amazon algorithms.

Amazon works just like any other search engine but search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and strategies can vary. The consultant that you hire ought to be proficient at Amazon algorithms and SEO trends.

2.      What do you charge for Amazon optimization consultancy?

Whether it is the digital world or the real world everyone wants to save money and get the best product or service. When you look for an Amazon optimization consultant you can consult with more than one services providers. Ask them about the price that they charge for their Amazon SEO services. People having the aim of increasing the Return on Investment (ROI) should formulate a budget and search for such consultancy that offers services at affordable prices. Many Amazon optimization companies provide their clients with free quotes (when requested). You can request quotes so as to have an idea about the Amazon SEO pricing.

3.      What is your Amazon SEO strategy?

When an Amazon SEO strategy is to be made the following important elements are considered.

  • Firstly, the type of services that you require matters the most. You must tell your consultant whether you need Amazon SEO, pay-per-click ads (PPC), or fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Secondly, the tools used for Amazon SEO should be considered. If competitor analysis is needed then Jungle Scout can be used. Another tool for the same purpose is AMZ Tracker. There are many others tools used depending on the need of the client.

Factors like these matter a lot when the Amazon SEO strategy is made.

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4.      Are you a reliable Amazon optimization specialist?

When it is about SEO, there are some white hat SEO techniques and some black hat SEO techniques. When you need search engine optimization for Amazon always confirm that your consultant opts for white hat SEO techniques. The black hat techniques are discouraged by Amazon search engine. Most of the search engines including Amazon ban account when they find black hat SEO techniques are used. The black hat tactics can be the use of fake information about the product, delivering the product late, or selling the product at some other platform when it is already registered on Amazon. Do not hire such unreliable SEO consultants who use black hat techniques.

5.      How would you launch the product on Amazon?

There are various tools to launch products on Amazon. You should know and ask about the tools used to launch your product on the Amazon selling platform. Before that, you should do some research about it. It is a fact that the launch of a product on Amazon is not a piece of cake. These days, a strategy that many people follow on Amazon for the sake of product launch is to start with monitoring of sales then move towards reviews and PPC. It is very important to get some initial reviews and use them to increase sales (depending on the SEO strategy that your consultant opts for). In-depth research of Amazon algorithms can help in building an unbeatable SEO strategy.

If you are a novice and want to launch a product on Amazon then find the right Amazon optimization consultant and ask him the questions mentioned above. It is advisable to start with some research on your own. You can look into the Amazon A9 algorithm which is designed to rank products on Amazon.