7 Signs You Should Hire a Child Custody Attorney

Dissolving your marriage is sometimes the best recourse if you and your spouse fail to have irreconcilable differences. Dealing with the emotional fallout and aftermath, though, of separation, isn’t easy. If you and partner have a hard time dealing with each other, that means you might not agree on several things. One of the many things you and your spouse need to discuss is child custody. Your decisions in this matter need to be made in the interests of your kids. If that isn’t the case, though, if pride, bitterness, and other emotions are getting in the way, you’ll need the help of a lawyer. Only getting legal counsel can help you reach an amicable agreement. Here are some of the other signs that you need an attorney during your divorce negotiations.

Your Ex Hired One

Experienced family lawyers in Adelaide have the expertise and knowledge to check for any loopholes that the other side might exploit. If your spouse doesn’t have any plans to work together with you on resolving your child custody issues, then it’s best that you find legal counsel to represent you in court. With help from a skilled lawyer, you have someone to guide you through the process, so you can make the right decisions.

The Case is Complicated

If the case isn’t straightforward or the other party might have other agendas, having a child support lawyer by your side is a smart decision. If your spouse tries to make it seem like you are an unfit parent for the kids, you have a much better chance of defending yourself against that when you’ve got a lawyer. Your attorney can present the facts in court to counter whatever lies or fabrications that the other side might try to use.

Jurisdiction Problems

Did you or your spouse move to different states or countries after you decided to get a divorce? That could lead to a few jurisdiction issues. You’ll need a lawyer to get through those issues easily. Hire family lawyers in Adelaide who know the different custody laws in those states, so you have the best chance of complying with all those laws in whichever states or countries you are.

Worry Over Your Kids

If you have worries and concerns about the safety of your children, hire a lawyer. You’ll need to discuss the risks that your kids might be exposed to if they’re put under the custody of your spouse. Of course, this is also a good time to make sure you’re well aware of the things that you can’t do while there’s an ongoing child custody battle. If you make a wrong move, that could hurt your chances of getting custody of your kids. That’s why you need to be extra careful at this stage. Your lawyer can help by making sure that you know what behaviours to watch out for. Any evidence or proof that you can be used in court will also come in handy. Let your lawyer know if you have any of that at hand.

Ask for Support

On the other hand, if your spouse doesn’t have any problem with you getting custody over your kids, then what about child support? You’ll want to make sure that your spouse will provide financial support to your kids until they reach the right age. Talk to a child support lawyer to find out what you can ask for and expect. Don’t try to agree to a settlement agreement if you have little to no knowledge of how much child support should be on average. That’s why it’s best that you talk to a lawyer first, so you’ll know what your options are.

Barred from Your Kids

Is your spouse keeping you from seeing your kids? That shouldn’t happen but it does. If the other side starts to cancel your visits, doesn’t let you see or even spend time with your children, that’s not right. You need to reach out to a child custody attorney right away. If these behaviours start, though, it’s a sign that the coming custody battle might not end easily.

Find a Resolution

Some parents drag out the child custody case, which takes a toll on the kids. If you can, find a way to resolve your issues with the help of your lawyers. That’s a much better way to resolve the situation rather than dragging out the child custody case. The first step is finding a lawyer that you can trust. Look at the credentials of the lawyer. Check the reputation of the law firm. What kind of cases do they usually handle? It would be in your best interests to find one that has extensive experience in handling family cases.

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