Babies gain from a wide range of activities such as Toys For Babies. It encourages various abilities and brain development. A school of thought outlines the many types of intellect that we all have in varying degrees. For the debate that follows, I utilised this notion as a jumping-off point.

If your child only had ten toys, one item from each of these categories would be ideal! Try to think of alternative activities that help to strengthen each of these areas when you play games with your youngster. The toys recommended here are all for babies under two, but the categories are essential to remember throughout your child’s life.

All About Toys For Babies

Infant Toys (Ages 0 – 3 Years)

Colourful Toys for Babies that capture and challenge your child will keep him or her entertained and developing. Rattles and stacking toys keep tiny hands engaged and assist in improving everything from fundamental interaction to hand-eye coordination; for a teething infant, seek rattles with different textures. Sophie, the giraffe, is made of natural rubber and features a squeaker to attract your baby’s attention.

Give your baby a head start with an activity gym intended to help them reach developmental goals; activity centres can inspire them to engage in item exploration and tactile development. Look for infant toys with noises and music, texture variations, and vivid colours to stimulate all senses. Thus, Baby’s first blocks, musical toys, bath online toys in Australia and board books are all classics that foster both passive and active learning.

Homemade Toys For Toddlers

Homemade toys are enjoyable, simple to make, inexpensive, and aid in developing your child’s creativity. Make toys with your child by including him or her in the recycling of boxes and containers.

Teddy/Dolly Carry Basket

Paint a box, insert handles through holes of the box’s interior, and build a bed with a tea towel.

Use a sturdy box large enough for your child to sit in instead of a car, bus, or fire engine. Using lids and paper plates, construct wheels, controls, and a steering wheel. So, Decorate as a family.

Toy Stove

Use paper plates and draw or glue hot plates on top of a box. For an oven door, cut a big flap on one side. So, Bottle tops serve as knobs, and a small loop of thread or shoelace serves as a handle.

Ice Cream Box

Cut the lid of an ice cream box or a shoebox to produce holes to ‘post’ various things such as pegs, blocks, and cards.


Create a book with your toddler by gluing images, cards, or photos to paper and putting them inside plastic sleeves. ‘Me and my family,’ ‘favourite things,’ ‘cars and trucks,’ ‘large and little,’ and ‘animals’ are some examples.


Use thick shoelaces, wool, string, or plastic tubing to string pasta, cut up straws, cardboard rolls, or ring style breakfast cereals.

Best Developmental Toy For 6-Month-Old Babies

With this plush fabric-covered activity cube, every side is a new experience. There’s a textured ring, knotted tags, crinkly flower petals, and a toddler-tough plastic mirror to investigate on each side; there’s also a textured ring, knotted tags, crinkly flower petals, and a toddler-tough plastic mirror to explore. So, this toy stimulates sensory play and practising the raking grip, which will ultimately help your baby pick up all kinds of items, big and little, since 6-month-olds are obsessed with seeing themselves in the mirror and are on their way to sitting up properly.

Best Developmental Toy For 7-Month-Old Babies

Your baby will be able to identify a toy on the floor and reach out to grasp it by the time he or she is seven months old, a skill that involves visual acuity, hand-eye coordination, and balance.

Give her some practice with these vividly coloured, wonderfully textured balls, which are just the ideal size for small hands. So, each one has a different texture: rough, ridged, and full of little craters; new-borns love to run their hands over them, investigating, and then give them a taste and chew (the balls are made from food-safe plastic).

Best Developmental Toy For 9-Month-Old Babies

Music, lights, intriguing noises, textures, and flaps she may open to meet a new companion, and more can all find on this table. Hence, the table’s top may use on the floor while your baby sits to play until he or she can pull up to a standing position. So, the top then goes back on its legs when she’s able to stand up, encouraging your baby to spend time upright and cruising. Buttons activate over 70 songs on the table, and it introduces numbers, alphabet, shapes, colours, and other concepts.

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