December 4, 2023

All You Need to Know About EV Charger Installation

Installing your charger could seem difficult. If you’ve never purchased an EV charger before, where do you even start? Are you able to install it yourself? (By purchasing this part directly, you may leave that to us.) And what should the total cost be? We’ll take you through installing an EV charger in this post and address your most pertinent queries. You’ll quickly get everything set up. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that a successful charger depends entirely on having a decent installation. With IN-Charge EV Installation, you won’t have to worry about the installation of your EV charger at all as we are going to make sure that you won’t have to face any inconvenience because of your EV charger.

Can you install your EV charging station?

No, don’t try to install an EV charger yourself unless you’re an electrician with expertise in doing so. Always work with a licensed and competent installation. Although it can cost more upfront, doing this is necessary to ensure that your charger is installed professionally, safely, and in accordance with all laws. In addition, EV charging stations that are not installed by a licensed electrician will lose their guarantee. Don’t take that chance, please. With our EV charger installation service, you won’t have to stress about anything as we assure you that you will have the best installation services you can ask for.


Importance of considering safety while EV charger installation

It takes a mastery of both the charger and your home’s electrical infrastructure to install an EV charger securely. Without this knowledge, the installation procedure might go wrong and jeopardize the safety and functionality of your charger. A significant amount of power is sent into your automobile through your charger from your home or apartment complex. So, if it’s not built properly, there’s a potential that you and others close (your family, friends, or neighbors) might be exposed to this energy in a harmful way. Thus, you can’t deny the fact that you need an experienced and qualified technician for the installation of your EV charger who can make sure that you won’t be at risk of electric shock.

Verify Your Charger Is Fully Certified for Compliance

You will also be assured of compliance with national standards, such as wiring restrictions if you choose an expert EV installer. When an electrician completes Commercial EV Charger Installation, they often need to obtain certification from a regulatory agency. This verifies that the installation was carried out safely and in accordance with all applicable national rules. A copy of your charger’s compliance certificate will be provided to you by reputable installation businesses. Having a compliance certificate may be required in some nations, and failing to have one might result in a fine. So be careful to confirm what is needed where you reside.

This compliance certificate is important to make sure that your charger installation is done right. Additionally, if something goes wrong in the future, you could wind up requiring it to be eligible for insurance claims. For instance, you can even have the authority to file a complaint against your insurance provider in case of any malfunctioning of the charger because of any current issues. Without the compliance certificate. The insurance could decline to compensate you since there would be no way for them to verify that your charger was fitted and protected properly in the first place. Furthermore, you could require the certificate to show that the car, not the charger, is the problem if any problems with the EV battery emerge and you need the manufacturer to rectify them. The certification of the installation is required if you’re seeking a grant or incentive, which is arguably the most crucial.

Calculating the cost of installing EV chargers

By this point, it ought to be quite evident that spending money on a reliable, knowledgeable installer is worthwhile. It’s an investment in your safety and regulatory compliance as well as the protection of others around you, including your house, automobile, and other property. Our experience indicates that the minimum cost for a quality installation by a qualified electrician is not that much. While the precise amount may vary depending on your area and the particular technical specifications of your property.

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