Being a student can be an expensive deal as there are lots of financial obligations to cater to. There are things to pay for, such as accommodations, transportation, food and the most significant savings for the future.

Some days may be suitable as you have saved enough for spending whereas some days may be difficult as you have to skip your lunch to pay for your other expenses.

The care-free student life

If you are studying and earning simultaneously, you may face financial difficulties to meet your day-to-day expenses.  You can fulfil your dream of care-free student life and stay happy.

You should find ways to pay off your expenses and at the same time save money too. If you have borrowed car finance, you have to pay back on time, not financially, to pressure yourself. Many lenders use soft credit search to check your credit score while lending a loan to you, so be careful with your repayments.

Ways to save money as a student

1. Fix a no-spend day

Fix up a no-spend day once a week. You have to be strict with yourself and promise yourself not to touch your wallet. Promise yourself not to spend a single penny that day.

Keep away all your cash and credit cards for that day so that you can stick to your goal for that day. Initially, it may be difficult for you, but gradually, once you start saving money away, it can be a motivation for you to stop spending and start saving more.

You can also alter your spending ways and make slight changes in your routine to create significant differences in the future. You can shop for your necessities one day before but make it a rule not to spend anything on that day.

2. Look for student discounts

In the UK, many outlets offer you lucrative student discounts. Many stores offer many benefits to the students that you can avail and safeguard yourself from heavy spending.

You can apply for a UK student card and look for all the discounts and offers. Many brands such as Amazon, Apple, ASOS etc., offer good student discounts. Whenever you enter any store or a brand, always ask if they have a student discount. If you think of taking out 100% guaranteed car finance, always ask for a student discount on the loan rates. You get a lot of schemes where you can save money and be on a better side.

3. Utilize your cashback deals

If you are shopping, you can easily claim cashback from that particular store. You can quickly get 10-15% cashback on your shopping. So if you still have not considered suing your cashback services, you can avail them right now and be on the beneficial side.

4. Avoid expensive gym memberships

You may be a health freak, but if you are on a mission to save your money, you have to ditch those expensive gym memberships. You have to take a calculated decision of paying £60+ for a monthly gym membership.

 If you find better options than this, you can go for those options. You can find gyms that offer you reasonable memberships and also offer other benefits. Before taking a final decision, try out various gyms and calculate the opportunities provided by various gyms.

You can ask for student discounts and take advantage of you being a student. Do good research and make an informed decision.

Instead of going to expensive gyms, you can form your exercise regime and follow a fitness routine. Also, you can find that they offer you affordable memberships. If you take memberships that are applicable for a longer-term, it proves to be profitable for you.

5. Prefer evening shopping

According to many surveys, students mostly spend on their food and household items. They spend around £78 per month.

While shopping, make sure not to overspend and hence, it is advisable to shop in the evenings. Many stores tend to drop their prices before they close for the day. You can also bargain with them and get the best deals on your products.

6. Cheaper or free cinema

Several platforms offer free signups for a movie. To save money, look for discounts on the internet that offer you discount on movies and cinemas.

Keep a regular check on various websites that offer coupons for various services. If you have your NUS card, it offers you many benefits and discounts that you can enjoy being a student.

7. Opt for a travel card

If you plan for a family weekend or a getaway with your friends, you can get your magic travel card and huge discounts. With your card, you can avoid overpriced bus and rail prices. Also, you can avoid overpriced tickets.

8. Share meals with your flatmates

You can team up with your flatmates and share your meal with them. If you are ordering food and eating together with your flatmates, you can share the cost of the food. This way, it will help you get the cost divided without burdening yourself with the food expense.

As mentioned above, look for the best deals on your food and get the best available prices. Do not indulge in overpriced shopping that may cost you a fortune. Instead, look for affordable alternatives.

9. Don’t splurge on books

As a student, you need some study material.

You can try some affordable alternatives. You can download your books and find online versions for them. This will save a lot of money for you.

Also, you can get a lot of student deals on many book stores that you can avail of for an affordable price.  You can also swap your books with your colleagues and get material from previous students. This will save you from a lot of hassle. You can also take books from the library.


Money is an essential resource for every individual, and everybody tries to save money for their future. As a student, you get many opportunities to save money and earn benefits out of it. It is your prerogative to act responsibly and save money to have a bright future ahead.