A list of the certifications that Cisco Systems has to offer is known as Cisco certification. Companies need to provide seamless connectivity across their locations for their goods and services in today’s diverse global economy. In this regard, Cisco has aided businesses in various industries by offering reliable networking, connectivity, and other essential services.

Cisco accredited professionals are in high demand since many organizations worldwide rely on their systems and architecture. If you wish to make yourself aware about the top Cisco certifications to build your career, you have come to the right place.

Cisco Certification

There are different levels of Cisco certification, starting with the associate, professional, expert and architect. There are also nine different technical paths:

      Routing & Switching.

      Industrial Network.



      Network Security.

      Voice Data.

      Service Provider Operations.

      Service Provider.


You can decide which field to go in and build your career as per your interest and inclination. The certification level helps you determine where you want to start learning from- basics, intermediate or advanced concepts and how much you wish to accomplish.

A variety of specialist technician, sales, company, data centre certifications, and CCAI certified teacher certifications are also available (Cisco Academy Instructor).

Why Get A Certificate For Yourself?

There are many reasons to get a Cisco certification. Companies of every type need to keep their networks as robust, scalable, and automated as possible- before the COVID-19 pandemic struck and long after it subsides.

When you realize how many businesses move their workforces to permanent work-from-home, the situation becomes much more complicated—because corporate networks can be dispersed over hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Many businesses have chosen the Cisco technology to meet their network requirements. As a result, networking engineers and other professionals should know which Cisco-related skills and certifications would qualify them for new positions and get them promotions at companies that use the Cisco stack.

Cisco training courses are globally recognized and help you advance your IT career is just one of them. They are also available in various levels and work directions and are commonly accepted by IT jobs everywhere. When it comes to the positions you’ll be considered for and offered, a Cisco certification puts your career on the fast track, which means you’ll have a lot of exposure in your work profile.

Educate Yourself About The Certification Courses

So you’ve decided to get a degree. Congratulations! That’s significantly moving forward. Now it’s time to begin doing your homework.

Each qualification necessitates a genuine investment of time and money. Obtaining one is a significant accomplishment. But are you unable to decide which certification is the best fit for you?

It’s not just a matter of deciding between entry-level and advanced certificates. Recognize that no two people are alike, so thorough vetting is recommended. If you’re thinking of getting certified, you can do a few things to make sure your decision aligns with your priorities and career goals.

1.     Recognize the significance of qualification

      Individuals’ Value

       Organizational Value

2.     Select a certification path

3.     Know what you want to accomplish

4.     Know what you are interested in

5.     Do your homework on:

      certification tracks

      certification resources

6.     Consider the future

Top Cisco Certifications To Build Your Career

1.     Certified Cloud Security Professional

It is one of the most sought after IT certifications of 2021, offered through the International Information System Security Certification Consortium. It is recommended for IT personnel who want to specialize in cloud technology.

2.     Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer

This certification is offered through ISACA and is perfect for those who wish to advance in data privacy. The certificate is experience-based and has more technical concepts than theoretical concepts. Therefore, keep that in mind while deciding.


Many well-known organizations around the world are actively searching for Cisco accredited professionals. According to different career portals, Coca-Cola, Thinkbox, Amazon, Aston Technologies, Apple, United Health, and other companies need Cisco certified professionals.

If you are looking for a training partner to get Cisco certified, look no further than Koenig Solutions, one of India’s best IT training firms. With the help of Koenig solutions, you will handle a broader range of networking activities at a higher level, with more roles and task ownership.

Though getting promoted without a credential is undoubtedly possible, obtaining one will boost up the process.

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