If you plan to book Lahore to Istanbul flights, you need to know certain things before travelling. Find here.

Istanbul is one of the most beautiful and visited cities in the whole world. From culture and history to modernism and food, everything is more than enough to amaze you. We mean that there are some essential facts that you must know to explore and institutionalize in that place better. So, whether you are opting to book a Turkish Airlines Flight with your family or friends, this article is going to help you a great deal. So, let’s get started.

The weather of the City

Istanbul is counted as one of the biggest cities in the whole world. So, depending upon your current location in the city, you will have to experience different weather and climate. Therefore, we recommend you book online Lahore to Istanbul tickets in the month of autumn, which are from SEP to NOV. In these months, the temperature of the whole city remains pleasant. Moreover, in the months of summer, the temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius at maximum. But at the same time in these months most tourists from all around the world book Turkish Airlines Flight or with any other airline to visit the city.

So, if you’re planning to visit Istanbul by booking your Lahore to Istanbul flight tickets right now, then you won’t need to pack jackets and sweaters. But if you are planning to go there in fall or in the late autumn time, you will need to pack jackets.


Learning about the technology, especially the electricity of a place you will visit, is critical in this digital era. That’s because we all carry electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more, and we need to charge them now and then. So, for that matter, you must know that the whole country (Turkey) operated on 50 Hz and 220 volts. Moreover, the country has round prong plugs as its standard. So, ensure you take the appropriate adapter with you if you are going for Lahore to Istanbul online flights this year.

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Getting Around the City

One essential thing that every traveller wants to know is the method to get around a new place. So, you would also like to know the same if you are booking Lahore To Istanbul Flights. The best way of getting around Istanbul city is to opt for public transport. One of the best options is Istanbul kart which is not only affordable but also fast. Tunel, known as the second-oldest underground railway in the whole world, will take you up from seaside Karakoy to Pera, also known as Galata.

You can also take a stately trundle through Istiklal Streeton the Nostaljik. This street is flanked by 20th-century churches, schools, consulates, and apartment complexes. It is undoubtedly a wonderfully preserved 19th-century tram. You will never get bored in this place in simple words, and all you need to do is get there, whether by booking a Turkish Airlines Flight or any other.

Outspoken People

The best thing about the people of Turkey is that they love to talk. They like to help others even if they don’t know how to communicate. So, if you are an extrovert who loves to socialize and booking Lahore to Istanbul Flights, then you will love your trip. You must not feel alarmed because they always love to meet new people with excitement and smiling face. But we recommend you to take minor English to Turkish dictionary before booking a Turkish Airlines Flight.


You might have already guessed. Turkish people love nature, and they love foreign visitors. So, you’ll be surprised after reaching the city with Lahore to Istanbul Flights booking. Some people also even ask you personal questions such as your marital status, age, salary, job, etc. But you should not feel afraid and tackle the situation wisely. One more thing that you need to keep in mind that you might need to drink more tea than you have collectively taken up till now.

Respect for Mosques

If you are from Pakistan and booking Lahore to Istanbul tickets, you seriously don’t need to learn anything new about the respect and etiquette of mosques. But one thing that you want to know about this subject is that praying in the mosques of Istanbul is a unique experience. It provides you with a strange yet positive spiritual feeling that you can never express in words, and you need to be there physically to feel it.

Whenever you book Turkish Airlines online tickets to Istanbul, we recommend you don’t forget to pray in mosques, especially in the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. You can also take your family and kids with you to mosques just like all the other places. So you definitely will have the opportunity to have the time of your life.

Turkish Food

You might have heard that the food in Turkey is all about kebabs but that not the truth. The fact of the matter is that the food in Istanbul is way more than that. Moreover, there are many dishes such as Kofte and stews that you will find familiar if you go there with flights from Lahore to Istanbul. And you will love the food that this place has to offer. Not only has the diversity of the food but this place offered a fantastic taste as well. When it comes to desserts, we recommend you to have traditional ice cream. You must have already seen videos on the internet with the ice cream shopkeeper playing around with customers.

Final words

There are many other facts about Istanbul, but the ones we have mentioned are more than enough for your trip. If you haven’t already booked your Lahore to Istanbul flights, then consider doing that in the months of autumn to enjoy Istanbul in perfect weather.