Turkey is not widely considered a winter holiday destination as it is best known for its magical turquoise coast. However, Turkey experiences all seasons, and some parts of the country look even better covered with snow, not to mention the possibility of avoiding the tourist crowds. Depending on where you are going, the temperature in Turkey during the winter months can range from 17 degrees to -17 degrees. The snow in Turkey is worth seeing. But keep in mind that after the latest upgrades and news, you might not be able to get cheap airline tickets with Turkish Airlines because of the new openings of the destinations.

If you are after a relaxing stay; Spa and wellness centers in Turkey with thermal pools are also available at affordable prices. So, if you are looking for a relaxing or adventurous winter holiday in Turkey, read on! We will answer your questions, what temperatures to expect, where to go, and what to do in winter in Turkey.


Cappadocia’s fairy-tale chimneys look so beautiful under the white snow in the winter months. So, consider this place on the top of your list whenever you take Turkish Airline flights this winter season. It is additionally an extraordinary spot for a vacation in winter, as love birds can have a sentimental inflatable trip over supernatural stone arrangements made essentially. You can stay at a cave hotel, enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine and visit the underground cities of Cappadocia.

You would avoid the tourist crowds and the season, but be sure to pack warm clothes and winter shoes. To get a taste of the scenery, you can watch the Palme d’Or-awarded film by Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Winter Sleep.


This amazing animated big city always welcomes tourists, no matter what the season. It usually rains heavily in Istanbul during the winter months, with snow falling around January and February. However, the temperature usually doesn’t drop below 0 ° and the city can be reached by public transport, especially by ferry. We recommend using simit and çay when viewing the hazy view of the Bosphorus as it passes from Europe to Asia. Find out where locals hang out in Istanbul with our local Istanbul guide.


Although Turkish Airline is not one of the cheapest airlines in the world you can take its tickets at reasonable rates. Bursa is one of the most popular winter destinations in Turkey with famous ski resorts and amazing scenery. From December to March, Uludağ is full of tourists who come for skiing and music festivals. The Kartaltepe peak in Uludağ is at an altitude of 2,543 meters and the climb takes 22 minutes. You can get to Uludağ by bus or ferry from Istanbul, it only takes about 2 hours.


Another great city to see in the winter months is Eskişehir, which is not far from İstanbul. The round trip by train costs around £ 14 and the journey only takes around 4 hours. Eskişehir is an old town with a young student population which means there are always exciting and trendy places to see. In late 2019, Japanese architectural firm Kengo Kuma & Associates built the first museum of contemporary art in Eskişehir: Odunpazarı Contemporary Museum, which is also a must-see.


For those looking for a cultural holiday with fall weather, visit the well-preserved Greek-Roman ruins in Selçuk. Winter is the low season when you can have the place almost entirely to yourself. Here you can see the Temple of Artemis, the Library of Celsus, the Basilica of St. John and St. Mary’s Church, or even take the train for a day trip to Pamukkale (Cotton Castle).


Kars is one of the coldest regions of Turkey, but also one of the best winter destinations. It is well known for the Sarikamis and Eastern Express Ski Resort. The Eastern Express tourist trip from Istanbul to Kars is one of the most amazing train journeys and travel experiences you can have. The overnight journey takes approximately 24 hours and takes you through many wonderful sights of nature.

Upon arrival in Kars, you can visit the ruins of Ani, the former capital of the Armenian Kingdom of Bagratid, considered as the City of 1001 Churches. You can fly directly to Ankara by taking Turkish Airlines flights and take the Eastern Express to Kars.


Bolu is Turkey’s culinary hot spot, known for its traditional Turkish cuisine and beautiful nature. In winter, snow falls abundantly in Bol, which adds another layer of beauty to this lake district. Yedigöller and Abant are particularly famous, just as the Kartalkaya ski resort. You can also visit the ancient Ottoman cities of Goynuk and Mudurnu.