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Blue Cross Blue Shield:

 A Strong Provider Network of Small Business Group Health Insurance Plans Blue Cross Blue Shield is one of the nation’s largest insurance companies consisting of 37 companies. In New York, it has about 4 million members – almost half the population of New York City. It serves 90,000 participating physicians and more than 160 hospitals in New York State. Since they all operate independently, it’s impossible to generalize about reviews. However, with its wide variety of plans and coverage, we think it’s one of the better insurers. Blue Cross Blue Shield’s network covers the New York metropolitan area as well as some northern counties. However, employees who live outside the region can still use the nationwide Blue Card network to access services. In New York, the largest Blue Cross Blue Shield company is Anthem. For other large companies with extensive insurance plans, see United Healthcare Oxford. 

About Blue Cross Blue Shield

The Blue Cross Society and Blue Shield merged in 1982 to become Blue Cross Blue Shield. They then register their company names in states across the country. Some of these companies include Wellmark, Anthem, and Highmark. Every state and Puerto Rico has at least one Blue Cross Blue Shield company operating. Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance Group Health Plan As Blue Cross Blue Shield consists of many small companies, they offer a variety of health insurance plans. These plans are divided into 3 main Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans: the Blue Card Plan, the Blue Priority Plan, and the Bridge Plan. Blue Card Program: Formerly known as the Prism Program, this program is Blue Cross Blue Shield’s premier health program. It provides nationally available EPO and PPO health insurance plans for small businesses in New York City. Blue Card’s provider network includes more than 85,000 doctors and 150 hospitals. Blue Card Network is one of the largest provider networks in the United States. Under this network, members can choose from more than 96% of hospitals and 93% of medical service providers in the country. In addition, there is the Blue Card global network, which provides international insurance payouts. “Take a look” Raiders to save money on seeing a doctor in the United States – the ultimate article! Blue First Plan: The Blue First Plan is an EPO network with comprehensive coverage and access to physicians participating in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Enhanced Personal Health Care Plan. Keep in mind that, like other EPO plans, non-network doctors are excluded. In addition, members can be referred to specialist clinics. For small business owners, Blue Cross Blue Shield requires 60% of full-time employees to be registered, excluding a valid exemption. (Valid waivers include Medicare, Medicaid, Spouse, Veterans and Parents) Bridging Program: The Bridging Program is an EPO network that covers the entire 28-county service area of ​​​​Blue Cross Blue Shield. Members of the plan receive low or no copays. In these plans, you have multiple plan options. You can choose from PPOs, HMOs, and EPOs, as well as consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs) and health savings accounts (HSAs). With so many companies forming Blue Cross Blue Shield, it is difficult to summarize their plans. You can compare plans by viewing our Blue Cross Blue Shield Comprehensive Premium Schedule. Blue Cross Blue Shield Review We combine public reviews from Google GMB (Google My Business), BBB (Better Business Bureau), Dog Bark, and our years of experience as an insurance broker to give you the most comprehensive, selfless review. Joint Oxford/Security/First Healthcare/Blue Cross Blue Shield/Oscar Evaluation We combine public reviews from Google GMB (Google My Business), BBB (Better Business Bureau), Yelp, and our years of experience as an insurance broker to give you the most comprehensive, selfless review.


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