Here are some groundbreaking results that British Airways has just found. Keep on reading to find out how Rapid antigen tests can be as effective as quarantine.

As we all know, all the countries and their respective airlines are coming up with new methods and rules to keep people safe from COVID-19. Today we have come up with a piece of news in which you’ll find the groundbreaking new British Airways research. Not only can it help air travelers from all around the world a great deal. But it can also make the whole process where quarantining was important, seamless, and easy. If you’re planning to table with British Airways soon that you might be interested in this news. Consider reading the article till the very end.

The News

British Airways has recently conducted a study to make air travel easier. The airline found out that if you work a rapid antigen test on all the passengers upon arrival after their air travel. Its results and effects can be as valuable and useful as quarantining. It will help the authorities stop the corona virus’s spread. But it will also make things a lot easier for travelers.

British Airways hopes that this research can be the opening door and can change the country’s whole landscape. And the government might open the borders this summer as well. Keep in mind that all foreign traveling is currently strictly banned in Britain except for the people who need to travel for health reasons, education, or work. However, the authorizes and agencies explain that the government is planning a review of the country somewhere in the next month, but it’s not sure. But the airline hopes that this new research will help the government to make the decision.

Rising COVID-19 Cases

But the increasing number of COIVD-19 cases in some of the countries in Europe has made the whole decision-making process very difficult. Recently the news reports suggest that many countries in Europe have again started experiencing the increasing number of Covid-19. The government has also warned the ministers not to travel in such time. And it’s also expected that the holy day ban will be prolonged.

Multiple officials from multiple airlines, including British Airways, have found out that a single antigen test on arrival is impactful as a whole ten-day quarantine period. Not only will it keep the traveling process easy. But it will also help reduce the total number of COVID-19 cases.

The investigation, conveyed by advising firm makers Oxera and Edge Health on Thursday, has been submitted to Britain’s Global Travel Taskforce. The task force is checking on how and when travel ought to restart and will investigate April 12. Virgin Atlantic’s CEO Shai Weiss said that he expects that worldwide travel can securely continue at scale. Utilizing a danger-based, staged facilitating of testing prerequisites and boundary limitations that follow the logical proof. For higher-hazard nations, a two-test system could be a reasonable choice to isolate, said the report.