Broccoli Is Good For Your Health

Broccoli is the most vital nutrition? Is it good for your skin if you eat it every day? Is it true that you smell body odor if you overeat?

“Broccoli the most nutritious?”

 “What effect does it have?”

I asked a nutritionist about the nutrition and efficacy of broccoli.

 We will also introduce the appropriate amount to take in a day and recommended cooking methods.

This is a must-see for those who enjoy making their skin attractive and improving muscle strength.

Why broccoli is said to be the strongest in nutrition

 (1) Rich in vitamins

According to the Japanese Dietary Intake Standards (2020 Edition) set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it is recommended that adults take 100 mg of vitamin C per day. Still, this amount can be cleared by eating a little over 70 g of broccoli.

Compared to other vegetables? 

* The element of vitamin C per 100g is listed.

  • Carrot (without skin, raw) 6mg
  • Tomato 15mg
  • Potatoes (without skin, raw) 28mg
  • Spinach 35mg
  • Bell pepper 76mg

You can see that the amount of vitamin C in broccoli is overwhelmingly high.

You have to take it! ?? Efficacy of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C

  •       Prevents body oxidation (anti-aging)
  •       Relieves sponger iron and calcium
  •       Promotes collagen production
  •       Boost immunity

You can expect such effects.

Taking a proper amount is also advised for day-to-day healthiness. erection problem solve use: Aurogra 100 And Vidalista 40.

(2) Although it is a vegetable, it has plenty of protein

The daily intake of protein should be 65 g for adult males (18-64 years old) and 50 g for adult females (18-64 years old) per day according to the Japanese dietary intake standards (2020 version) set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Is recommended.

Compared to other vegetables..?

The amount of protein per 100g is listed.

  • Carrot (without skin, raw) 0.8g
  • Tomato 0.7g
  • Potatoes (without skin, raw) 1.8g
  • Spinach 2.2g
  • Bell pepper 0.8g

Although it is not a vegetable, “Kinugoshi Tofu,” which has the image of being high in protein, has a protein content of 5.3g per 100g.

From this, you can see that the amount of protein organized in broccoli is overwhelmingly elevated.

Is eating broccoli good for your skin every day?

As I mentioned earlier, broccoli contains various nutrients that play an essential role in maintaining the skin’s health, so eating it daily can positively affect the skin.

Nevertheless, it would help if you stood cautious about cooking broccoli.

Be aware that if you dress too much or use a cooking method that uses a lot of oil, you may be prone to rough skin due to excessive fat intake.

Also useful for a strength workout.

Broccoli contains nutrients that enhance the effectiveness of muscle training.

It would help if you had vitamins and proteins to build muscle, the main power constituents.

In particular, vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin in building muscle and is also contained in broccoli.

Furthermore, as I mentioned earlier, it can be said that broccoli contains a good balance of nutrients that enhance the effect of muscle training, such as vitamin C, which is effective in relieving physical fatigue. Super p force And Tadacip 20 to improve ed.

Is it true that you get body odor when you eat every day?

Some rumors eating broccoli every day produces body odor, but body odor is also related to eating other foods and your constitution.

So you accomplish control to fear about consuming broccoli in restraint.

Does eating broccoli every day strengthen your muscles?

However, broccoli alone is not enough, so you need to combine meat, fish, eggs, soy products, and dairy products rich in animal protein with sound absorption.

There are others! Benefits of eating broccoli

Since it contains dietary fiber, it may be easier to get through.

 Also, because it is low in sugar and fat, it is a recommended vegetable for those on a diet.

It also has a texture, so I’m happy that it’s easier to get a feeling of fullness compared to other vegetables.

If you consume too considerably, you may obtain a body odor …If you fill broccoli, you may include a suspicious body smell or foul puff, such as the rotting scent of fish.

This is because the ingredients contained in broccoli generate a substance called “trimethylamine” that emits an odor.

 Trimethylamine is said to cause odor due to decreased liver function and genetic deficiency of enzymes.

Broccoli is attractive, but I’m worried about body odor…

If you don’t overeat, you don’t have to worry about body odor.

Consider your physical condition and the appropriate amount to take in a day.

* It may be better to avoid people who are genetically deficient in enzymes or have decreased liver function.

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