Perfect Chair Designs for Every Space at Home in Budget!

Chairs are fundamental to any space at home. They had been a part of our home for around millennia. Chairs are never part of a healthy lifestyle but are required to do some daily activities. Without such activities, our daily survival will affect. People at home have adapted many forms in a wooden chair such as lounge chair, dining chair, etc. All kinds will be discussed in another section. WoodenStreet is a place where you will find every variety in chairs that adds utility and aesthetics at the same. If you are a homeowner, then you must be looking for amazing designs in chairs for every space. Let us explore some of the designs, one must-have at home.

Chairs for every space at home!

Exquisite Lounge Chairs


A lounge chair is an armless recliner that is paired with an ottoman usually designed for relaxing or taking a nap. They are new contemporary chairs that give an amazing look to the space to feel alive at home. Lounge chairs are made up of wood on which fabric is upholstered on it that looks so rich when placed in a room. The material can be a velvet one or a floral design in different colors.

Sleek-Design Metal Chairs

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Metal chairs are an easy approach to adding extra seating at home. Due to the sleek finish and lightweight, it can be moved anywhere. Metal chairs have this quality, they can be folded to store anywhere, when not in use. Such features save space and time both and they are budget-friendly too. You will find metal chairs online in different colors so that cafes and restaurants have this to add aesthetics in less space.

Embellishing Dining Chairs

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Dining chairs are important furniture in the dining area. In India, mornings are started with a family breakfast, where a 6 seater dining table set is an average requirement for every home.WoodenStreet provides you with a variety to buy dining chairs for your home. If one of your wooden chair has been damaged from the set, then you can buy a wooden dining chair, so that all your loved ones seat together to have dinner at home.

In some cases, people buy a full set of dining chairs to change the look. You should buy according to the dining table at home. This just enhances and completes the look of your dining area.

Poufs Seating

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Poufs arenot new to modern houses. They come along with a sofa set, so it was not a separate demand previously. Now, people buy this separately for smaller spaces. You will find different shapes in pouf seating that looks stylish to add to our website.

Vintage Arm Chairs

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An armchair is a timeless furniture piece, that was part of urban houses. A chair having a back and an armrest gives a nice comfort while seating. Traditionally, it was used as a home office chair, sturdy enough, that never slips on the floor. The back and seating of armchairs are fabric upholstered on a wooden material.

Swing Chairs

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A swing chair that you can install inside your home. It is made up of wood with nice tiles on it add aesthetics to the space. A swing chair is hung with a jute rope on iron holders so that it carries the weight of the person seating on it. To add comfort, you can add cushions, which enhance the look too.

Seating Stools

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Beautiful creation for modern apartments. Why not invest in a sleek and lightweight furniture piece. You can move it anywhere at home for seating. Seating stools don’t add much cost, so buy in pairs to add extra seating to the living. It is made up of wood, which confirms durability. From small kids to adults, any weight can be borne on it. Grab them at very affordable prices, you will never get rid of them after you visit the store.

WoodenStreet always gets the latest designs of all. That too in premium quality and very affordable price. Visit the store to have a live idea about every possible design for your space. Get amazing design at one place, you will never be bored of, so why not invest in a wooden chair, when you are getting it at an amazing price.

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