Cochran Family Dental: Choose Between Perfectly Aligned Teeth or Slurred Speech

Orthodontic treatments are not new in dental history. Though the technology and expansion in the study mechanism has changed a lot of things, the basics are the same. Earlier, people used to have metal wires circled around their teeth or golden threads or even the animal cords that helped them to straighten their misaligned teeth.  We cannot judge their options because the technology was too far from their reach and they had to choose what was available to them at that time.

However, now things have changed and the medical practitioners are using the latest equipment for surgical procedures and practicing the latest techniques for diagnosis and prognosis of their patients. People who have gaps in between their teeth or misalignment, they can choose the latest dental braces to correct the shape and get rid of the pain and discomfort they go through.

Why do you only need Braces:

If you think that it is your mistake that you had misaligned or crowded  teeth, don’t worry. You are not the first person who is going to have braces on his teeth. There are a lot of people who are advised to wear braces to correct the position of their teeth. So, you are not new to this game. There is no need to curse your teeth for it and wonder why it’s just you who is in such a situation. It is just a common need and you will feel a lot of difference after you start wearing the braces under the supervision of the top dentists associated with best dental centers like the Cochran family dental center.

Do your braces affect your speech?

During the starting period, braces may cause some pain and discomfort. There is no second thought with it and some people even feel slurred speech after they start wearing braces. However, all these things do not stay for long. After a week or two, it will go away and you shall not feel any pain or slurred speech because of the braces.

Moreover, you have to keep good oral hygiene so that the braces do not cause any infection or other issues inside your dental cavity. People who do not follow good oral hygiene often complain of tooth infection, gum diseases and bad condition of the braces. This will also result in tooth decay and damage to the enamel. So, it’s good if you take proper care of your oral hygiene and brush your teeth twice a day. You should use a flossier to clean the cavity and remove the food items stuck in between the gaps.

What to feel after your wear the Braces:

After wearing braces, there are a few things that are common to feel. It is the pain, discomfort and slight irritation inside the dental cavity. It is because of the presence of some foreign material inside the cavity. As soon as you get used to its presence on your teeth, that discomfort and irritation will go away. Moreover, you don’t have to wear braces all the time. Your dentist will give you a time frame for it and your routine visits will assure you the progress in your case.

What to eat after you wear Dental Braces:

After wearing the braces, there are a few food items that you must avoid.

  1. The hard rolls, bagels , and licorice need to be avoided.
  2. Hard foods like candies, nuts, ice cubes, hard chips can cause problems, so stop eating them.
  3. The sticky food items like gum and caramels can stick to your teeth as well as braces and cause infection. So, avoid these to keep your cavity clean and stop the growth of bacteria inside your mouth.
  4. If you like non-vegetarian food items, make sure that you don’t hit on hard stuff like the bones. This can damage the braces and cause you pain and discomfort. So, avoid taking such risks causing more trouble to your dental cavity.

Points to check after you wear Braces:

If you are an athlete, make sure that you tell the details to your dentist. He will advise you to use the protective mouth guard that is helpful for people who play sports. This avoids any accidental damage to the braces or discomfort caused by excessive activity.

Don’t worry if the wire of your braces goes loose because it can happen anytime and if you have no idea about what to do next. You can call the dentist and take an appointment to fix the issue. In case, any of the pieces falls off, keep it safe and bring it with you to your dentist.

In case you feel severe pain or discomfort that you cannot handle, there is no point in experimenting on yourself. Just connect to your dentist and let him take care of the issues with the best treatment program.


So, if you are giving a second thought to the suggestion of wearing braces, clear your mind and just go for it. If you are living in Cochran, you can try reaching to the top Cochran family dental service and book an appointment as soon as possible.

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