How to Convert BMP Image to PDF?

Do you want to convert BMP image to PDF? Then, you have reached the right page. We have discovered a convenient and easy way to save images as PDF files. Before proceeding with this process, let’s learn few things about BMP.

A bitmap image or BMP is a device-independent bitmap graphic file that can have a .bmp or .dib extension. It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft developed this raster image format in 1995. These images can be monochrome bitmaps, 16 or 256 colors, or even 24-bit bitmaps. The higher image file quality, the larger the file size. This is the reason why BMP files can be very large.

On the other hand, BMP files are the basis for many image formats and are common in most of the devices. This means that many image processing applications can open BMP files. This list includes MS Paint, Windows Photos, GIMP, IrfanView, Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, Apple Preview, and more.

What is the Reason Behind Converting BMP Image to PDF

The PDF format is so popular that there are apps on any device that can handle this file easily.

  • If you have a lot of images to share online, PDF is the right choice for you. This has become the norm for organizations that have to deal with large amounts of multimedia on a daily basis.
  • As technology evolves, it becomes easier for everyone to get high-quality images and get the most out of them.
  • However, you can take advantage of this option when you can create beautiful photo albums from PDF files. Especially if you want to create memories and save them on the web, there’s nothing more fun than working with PDF files.
  • So you don’t have to rely on other formats on the web when you offer your images the ability to reduce file size via PDF.

Method1# Convert BMP Image to PDF Format Using Print Option

The benefit of using the print option is limited, you can only convert one .bmp file to .pdf at a time. If you have multiple BMP files, repeat the given steps repeatedly.

  • Browse to the location of the BMP file on your system
  • Right click on the BMP file and select print option
  • Option to print to PDF (different options for each window
  • Then, at the save prompt, save BMP file as PDF file.

Method2# Save BMP Image as PDF With MS Word

  • Open Your  MS Word and go to the File menu
  • Click the Open button and select BMP Image
  • Select File Options and select the Export button
  • From there, select the Create PDF option to convert BMP to PDF
  • Set the file storage location
  • You can avoid including some information in the image by clicking the list of options
  • Select Document Options and uncheck the box next to unneeded properties
  • Press the OK button to complete the conversion.


  • Manually, it is difficult to completely convert multiple images while maintaining the same image quality.
  • There is no guarantee that the image content will be converted correctly.
  • This requires more time and effort from the user than necessary.
  • If you convert images in a batch it gets tricky.

Alternative Solution to Convert BMP Image to PDF Format

You can quickly convert multiple BMP file to PDF with the help of beautifully designed tool capable of exporting multiple files without losing quality. This Tool is considered to be the best Image Converter Software to export multiple types of images and compress them to fit on a single page. After compressing the image, this tool makes sure that the image quality is not compromised. This program is the best among all other tools for exporting images in various file formats. The option to convert images to PDF files allows the user to change the page layout settings that set the margin size and paper orientation for the convenience of the user. The easiest and fastest way to convert multiple BMP documents to PDF. With this desktop application, users can easily convert bitmaps to PDF files without any complicated steps.

A Couple of Steps to Convert BMP to PDF Document

  • Download and Install Image File Converter

Download Image Converter Software

  • Now by clicking on Add File or Add Folder button

Choose Add image file

  • Select PDF from the drop down of export options

Select pdf

  • Also check the “Create single PDF for all images” option as needed. Here, the software offers the option to select the number of images for one page

click any options

  • Now, click the Convert button to start converting the image to PDF.

Convert BMP to PDF

The Closing Words

In this blog, we provide professionally tested software to convert BMP image to PDF in just a few clicks. The app has been supported by various conversion organizations and projects to ensure successful conversions without data loss. Download the free trial version of this automated tool to explore its functionality and uses.

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