How to Convert JPG to WEBP? – Precise Solution

Summary: In this post, you will get complete and correct information on how to convert JPG to WEBP using image file converter software. This software has the best and most advanced features. all possible details are mentioned in this article.

JPG is a digital image file format that contains compressed image data. JPG images with 10:1 compression are very compact. The JPG format contains important image details. This format is the most common image format for sharing photos and other images on the web and between mobile and PC users.

WEBP is a raster image format specifically designed for online images. In short, it’s important to know because it allows you to display high-quality images using a smaller file size than would be possible with different formats.

Why Need to Convert JPG Image to WEBP Format?

  • Faster loading web pages offer better user experience and even increase the ranking of websites in search engines. On the other hand, websites with slow loading images can encourage users to look elsewhere when purchasing products and services.
  • WEBP file format is highly compatible with various web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.
  • WEBP can free up storage space for businesses by compressing your website images to a more manageable size.

Best Alternative Solution to Convert JPG to WEBP Format

One of the best and most recommended software to convert JPG image files to WEBP is SysTools Image Converter Tool. It provides quick and easy results while exporting all the images to WEBP. This utility is designed to maintain image quality while resizing or compressing to a specified size.
It allows bulk conversion of multiple images to different file formats. You can select the Add File/Add Folder option to insert the same or different type of image. Both technical and home users can use this effective converter app to perform this task.

Try the demo tool for free. It has a free trial version that lets you export JPG to up to 5 WEBP format images. Once you are completely satisfied with the performance of this device, you can purchase the full version.

How Does the Tool Work to Convert JPG to WEBP 

  • Download  and Run the Software on your System

Download Image converter

  • Now upload the JPG image file using the “Select File” and “Select Folder” options

Choose Add file or Folder

  • If you want to convert the image to the WEBP file format, select WEBP in the export options dropdown

select webp

  • Click the Convert button to start converting the image to WEBP

Convert JPG image to WEBP

Main Features of this Tool

  • Provides multiple “Select File” or “Select Folder” options to upload images files.
  • Offer of bulk exporting different images at once
  • There is no file size limit.
  • Transfer 100% accurate data without losing a bit of data information.
  • A free demo version is available to test the software before investing.
  • The software has a simple and user-friendly interface which makes the tool easy to use for both technical and non-technical users.
  • This utility is compatible with all Windows operating systems like Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 and other older versions.


In this post, we review our most professional app to convert JPG to WEBP format. This tool takes a few clicks to move the JPG  image to WEBP file. Try the free demo version and once satisfied, you can purchase a license for fast and accurate conversion.

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