Choosing between free and premium themes might be a hard move for you. But after reading this, it’s not so hard.

WordPress is one of the best ways to make sure that you have a website that is good, easy to use, customizable, and versatile.

These websites come in a range of unique ways, providing a number of add-ons and plugins that can help boost the website, in both paid and free options.

Let’s find out the distinctions between WordPress themes that are free and premium.

Free WordPress Theme:

Anything you’ll get with free themes is limited. Free themes for beginners, however, are made so that they can test & learn.

However, if you want to use free WordPress themes, just pick a theme from a reputable source, such as a directory for WordPress themes.

When you start your private blog/website, you can only use free themes in the state.

Even, if only basic features are your necessity that get you going or do not need additional support.

You won’t have a lot of customization for free themes, so if you happen to like customization, then the free theme wouldn’t be the best option for you.

Never pick a style, even if it provides more, from an untrusted source.

Using free themes, however, also has CONS.

As far as cons are concerned, compared to premium themes, free themes have fewer functionality and support.

Some of the critical features like SEO friendliness, quick loading, responsiveness, and more will be missing.

One is that the use of free themes is not unusual, since free themes are open to all.

So maybe you might spot a website with the same theme as yours.

Also, you are welcoming bugs and viruses by using free themes that could destroy your site if downloaded from an unreliable source.

Premium WordPress Theme:

Premium themes come with huge features such as completely customizable, fully sensitive, faster loading, SEO friendly, an excellent layout of code, and more.

Let’s explore some of the features of WordPress premium themes:

Better protection and more outstanding compatibility are some of the best advantages of getting a premium theme.

Completely customizable settings and responsiveness come with premium themes. But it won’t be difficult for your users to use the website at any resolution.

What’s more there?

Everything you get is a special and incredibly beautiful template that you can further customize and make it your complete creation.

Ultimately, this helps to boost the time you spend and increase your salary.

Too many characteristics clash with each other and slow down your website’s efficiency.

If you set up your whole company online or plan to start an eCommerce website themes templates in the coming days, choose a premium theme.

If you want to stand out from the rest or want advanced features, you can also buy an eCommerce Premium Website Kit theme.