Do you know what are the best selling car colors?

The conquest of a vehicle is a reason for joy for many people and, therefore, choosing the details is also part of this experience. If you are at this stage or still researching, get ready to know which car colors are the best sellers!

To help you understand better, we brought some information about this topic so you know what influences this factor!

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Do car colors follow trends?

Yes, and that must be why you often see a so-called “fashionable” color from time to time, like neon. It is usually unconventional and usually causes a boom in the market, but then it can become obsolete.

Still without insurance for your car?

Some are even more discreet, but in any case, some colors of the moment may stop being among the preferences after a while.

In this sense, trends often emerge as debates and market innovations are fostered. Pantone ®, for example, is a company that contributes globally to the graphics and color management industry in various segments.

Its influence is also great for the automobile industry. Automakers often use their year’s colors as a guide for car launches. 

What are the best-selling car colors?

Although trends change year by year, traditional colors nevertheless are the best sellers. Among the most popular are:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black 
  • Red

That’s because even with time they don’t lose the demand, although there is always a devaluation naturally in all colors, with time. 

According to ANFAVEA (National Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers), some statistical data help confirm trends:

  • White (going from 12% in sales before to 44% now), is preferred
  • Silver, gray and black represented 47% together in the market in 2019
  • Red (alone) with 6%
  • Too many colors with 4% of the market.

But regardless of the color you choose, conservation is what counts. In order to prevent the color from fading or from being worn down by the sun, rain, and exposure to the weather, it is necessary to take measures to protect the car.

What is the favorite color of Brazilians?

Among the available car colors, the position of the darling of the Brazilian always seems to be disputed by the colors white and silver.

However, in general, black is also very popular.

Red and gray also appear quite frequently among favorite colors. Gray also belongs to a more neutral color palette, resembling silver, which can be more comfortable for consumers who prefer the more classic.

Red is a color that conveys intensity and vibration. Therefore, it may well suit the profile of consumers who identify with energy.

Is there any impact of color on the value of the car?

Car colors can also impact the value of a vehicle in some way. White, in addition to being one of the favorite colors, usually comes out more affordable.

It is very interesting to think about this factor, in planning the acquisition. Even because many expenses may be involved at this time.

There are colors that can also be made to order. The value can be differentiated for this reason and the delivery time.

It is worth remembering that after choosing a vehicle, it is necessary to ensure that you purchase Geico auto insurance. Nowadays, with practicality and online inspection, this has become even easier.

What else to think about?

Finally, one last piece of information is relevant.

In addition to paying attention to factors such as car models and colors, it is even more important to worry about safety. 

Many people have doubts, for example, about whether to choose insurance or a tracker, but today there are many options for all needs and conditions. Insurance with a tracker is one of them.

Depending on the color of the car, if it stands out more, the visibility, because it is greater, can make theft difficult. In the case of more common colors, it can be very difficult to differentiate a vehicle at the time of theft. Not to mention that insurance always offers protection against other accidents, giving the driver greater peace of mind.

Did you understand which car colors are most in-demand and what to consider? Are you thinking about buying or exchanging your car and need insurance? How about starting to quote now?

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