Does pet insurance cover vaccinations?

The number of pets in Spain is surprising, which is around 20 million. Of all of them, the majority are dogs and cats, and behind is other types such as birds, fish, or turtles. Although in most homes it is quite common to find a pet, it is not so common to have some type of specific insurance for it.

The small percentage of people who decide to take out pet insurance do so fundamentally by choosing civil liability coverage to cover the damage that the animal may cause to third parties. However, those that offer veterinary assistance are not the most widespread. 

Pet insurance and vaccinations 

When an animal arrives at home, a veterinarian must carry out a general check-up to verify that it is in perfect condition. In addition, especially in the case of dogs and cats, since they are the most common pets, it is also mandatory to comply with a vaccination schedule to guarantee their well-being and prevent them from presenting certain diseases.

As a general rule, this type of treatment is the responsibility of the owner of the animal, since in most cases, pet insurance does not include vaccines because it is considered care that does not require treatment and has not been as a result of a diagnosis. In any case, it is necessary to review the conditions of the policy to check the services that are included or not included in the veterinary care coverage.

However, assistance in pet insurance is guaranteed in cases of illness or accident. In these cases, the expenses of the consultation, diagnostic tests, laboratory tests, medication, surgical interventions, hospitalization, or home care, if necessary, are covered.

In addition, this type of policy also usually offers a telephone consultation so that owners can resolve any questions they have regarding vaccination, but also about food, education, and even leisure plans that can be carried out with the pet. 

Given that putting the corresponding vaccines in the different stages of the pet is of vital importance, insurance companies generally establish as a rule when contracting insurance that they comply with the officially established vaccination schedule. In addition, to benefit from veterinary assistance coverage, it is also usually mandatory to present a declaration of the state of health of the animal. 

Why is pet insurance necessary? 

Although pet insurance does not cover vaccinations, hiring one has many advantages, not only for the protection of the animal but also to ensure the peace of mind of the owner. Thus, this type of policy usually covers the expenses for sacrifice and burial or cremation of the animal’s corpse in cases of accident, old age, or illness.

In addition, people who live alone with their pets can also be assured of the animal’s stay in a residence when the owner has to be hospitalized. Likewise, in most cases, coverage is contemplated to guarantee compensation for the value of the animal in the event of death or theft, together with the collaboration to find the animal in the latter case.

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