Drive Home the All-New Electric Scooty- Hero Eddy

Electric two-wheelers are the need of the hour for short-distance commuting, and they’re catching on thanks to their range and convenience of use. An electric scooter makes perfect sense for short trips and is less expensive to operate than an ICE scooter, notably with increasing oil prices affecting two-wheeler owners the hardest.

A Brand New Electric Scooty That Doesn’t Necessitate a Registration or License

The Hero Eddy is an electric scooter that will cater to the needs of many customers in metros and small towns who want to travel short distances or commute locally. It is not necessary to register or obtain a license to operate this electric scooter. The new electric scooty comes for Rs 72,000 and does not qualify for FAME subsidies.

Features and Specifications of Hero Eddy

The scooty is designed for customers who want a low-cost electric scooter meant for short city commutes. The Hero Eddy’s top speed is capped at 25 kmph, and riding this e-scooter does not require a driver’s license or registration due to the low top speed. Yellow and light blue are the two colour variations for this electric scooter.

Talking about the specifications, this scooter gets powered by a 250W BLDC Watts motor and delivers a range of 85 kilometres per charge. The battery (51.2V / 30Ah) takes approximately 4-5 hours for a full charge.

Key Features of Hero Electric Eddy

  • E-Lock: To lock and unlock your vehicle, connect your vehicle via Bluetooth or utilise your handlebar controls.
  • Digital Instrument Cluster: With the sophisticated and elegant digital instrument panel, you can get all the details you need about your vehicle.
  • Find My Bike: Your smartphone app’s horn and flasher activation will help you locate your scooty in the parking space.
  • Follow Me: This feature allows you to easily get out of low-light situations. All you need to do is turn on your headlamp and let the lights lead you back.
  • Reverse Mode: You can go backwards without trouble, which is very useful when you get jammed in a difficult parking spot.
  • Telescopic Suspension: It’s engineered to provide a comfortable, jerk-free, quality ride.
  • USB Connectivity: Don’t be concerned about charging. Plugging your gadget into a USB port on the scooter is a simple way to charge it.

According to Hero Electric, this e-scooter is best suited for grocery shopping, travelling to bars and cafes or performing day-to-day chores that need a two-wheeler. The electric scooty is launched with the intentional aim of contributing to an eco-friendly future along with delivering a smooth riding experience.


Hero Electric has been the market leader in the electric two-wheeler space for the past decade due to its immense manufacturing volume and dealership coverage. Hero Electric offers over 750 sales and service branches across India and is proud of an extensive charging network and qualified roadside EV mechanics. Thus, customers can completely count on this brand to receive excellent service and value for money.

So bring a brand-new Hero Electric scooter home now and enjoy a hassle-free, affordable mobility solution for city rides.

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