Easy Tips To Get The Best (and Affordable!) Pet Canvas Prints 

A career as a pet portrait artist might be ideal for you if you like dealing with animals and have an artistic flair you’d like to explore. Whether you are a photographer, painter, or artist, getting into pet portraiture has a lot of benefits. You will get the opportunity to work with lovely animals. In addition, pet portraits are very popular right now. Everyone appreciates having customized pet canvas prints to share with their friends and family.

Canvas prints are great for memorializing your pet while adding a little more joy to your home. Whether your inspiration is true-to-life or not, there are a few ways to ensure you get the best pet canvas painting possible.

Easy Tips for the Best Pet Canvas Prints 

If your pet is not well-represented in your home’s décor, having your favorite pet images printed on canvas is an easy way to change that. We are sure you have a million photos of your cat or dog on your phone, so why not turn them into fun wall art that you can enjoy for many years? So, turn those great pictures into pet canvas prints and make your walls come alive.

Find The Perfect Photograph

The first step in producing a beautiful art piece of your dog or cat is finding or taking a fantastic photo of your pet. Here you are free to let your imagination run wild. Choose a sweet photo of the two of you or a snapshot of them as puppies or kittens. If you do not have a photo you like, schedule a photo shoot and capture an image you can use in your art.

Have them pose for fun props such as colorful scarves and reindeer antlers for cute Christmas pictures, snuggle their favorite plush toy or sit on a comfortable armchair. Choose an appropriate natural backdrop, such as a pleasant spot in your backyard or their favorite area at the park if you’re searching for an outdoor setting.

Use toys or snacks to encourage your pet into postures where you can view their face and, most importantly, their expressive eyes. This is what will set a mediocre photograph from a fantastic artistic work!

Edit The Picture To Perfection

Before printing the photo, make sure you have altered and polished it to the best of your ability. Most picture and photo software provide basic editing and enhancing features that enable you to change colors, sharpen your image, and crop it to the right size for your project. If your editing software offers a variety of saving options, use the best quality option to ensure a stunning image for the next stage.

Opt For A Drawing or Painted Portrait

There are several reasons to select having a pet portrait created. A bespoke piece of art and a distinctive method to transform a photograph, a custom portrait is a one-of-a-kind work of art. In addition, it can be an archive for fond memories and wonderful times you’ve spent with your canine companion.

These pictures are a fantastic method to incorporate your pets into your house design, whether a dog, cat, horse or another animal. They’re also an excellent way to commemorate a deceased pet. They make lovely presents for any pet owner and are sure to be cherished by them.

Providing your artist with a great photograph is one of the most crucial things you can do to get the finest custom pet portrait possible. Artists use the pictures you submit to create the artwork, so keep some points in mind.

Make sure you choose a pet photo that accurately depicts your pet with all its features, and no limbs are cut off (if you’d want them in the artwork). Also, make sure the animal is in an attractive stance.

When photographing your pet, try to get it from eye level. Ensure the lighting is adequate and avoid dark places or areas with harsh light. Finally, make sure the photo is clear and high definition so the artist may have a good view of details.

Choose Your Style

Once you’ve selected all the photos you love, it’s time to decide what medium to get them printed. Are you looking for wall art? Are you looking for a coffee table book to display in your living room? 

Take some time to decide how you want your pet canvas prints displayed. Maybe you need a fun and eclectic collage print or are looking for a large showstopper print. Whatever style you’re looking for, Canvas Factory has a plethora of options to help you find the right solution for you without breaking the bank. 

Photo mugs, pillows, tote bags, photo blocks, and so much more — go big or go home when it comes to photos of your furry loved ones. We think you can never have too much!

Order Gorgeous Prints and Images

The next step in the creative process is to choose a place to print your photos. To get a great canvas print, all you have to do is upload your photo, select a size, and check out. Then, the service provider will have it printed on museum-quality canvas and delivered to your door. 

Print alternatives, such as framed, acrylic, or metal prints, are also available for a design that stands out even more on your wall. Finally, it will be sent ready to hang, with all the required hardware for a quick set-up.


All you have to do now is select a suitable location to hang your pet canvas prints. It is usually a good idea to put it over your pet’s basket or cage, so who owns the space is apparent. However, do not be afraid to put it on display in a more prominent location. This is incredibly touching if you have framed a photo of a recently deceased pet.

Pet photography is a huge trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. So if you’re looking for some great ways to bring your pet into the decor of your home, we’ve got just what you need! So whether it’s one or more photos on a gallery wall or an entire photo album wrapped around the walls – get ready for our newest addition. The new Canvas Factory has gorgeous, high-quality products at affordable prices, so now everyone can afford beautiful personalized art pieces that will last forever!

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