October 1, 2023

Enhancing Your Living Space with House Extensions

Adding some additions to your home can increase your home’s value. The wraparound extension will increase the space in your home, as the name suggests; wraparound is for an l-shaped home.

Which will increase width and length too. It is one of the most significant House Extension in Kent that people usually take. If you want an open kitchen or additional area, then you must go for it.

Types of extension:

The main extensions include a side return extension, wraparound extension, rear and side extension, kitchen extension, and many more. There are two-thirds the width of the kitchen on the London terrace.

It can be created towards the rear by increasing the kitchen’s width, making it more suspicious even though your side will not seem wider. We increase the length of the kitchen on the ground floor through Wandsworth.

The length of the kitchen was 3m wide. After doing the extension through wraparound, the kitchen length increased. Now the width of the kitchen is about 4m wide, which means an increase of 1m in height. The width of the kitchen is 4m, and the length is 5.2.

The back garden space is flat at the rear, mainly on the London terrace. For this, you can create a new section of your house in your garden, and you must tear down the back wall of your home and build new supports and barriers.

We have an example: we tear down the wall and make an open dining place for the guest with a slope BBQ system and an open kitchen. Decorative lighting is also used In this open area which increases the beauty of the open kitchen and dining area with a slope BBQ system.

The side and rear extensions differ from the wraparound extension, and it will increase the width of your property by making a slope at the corner. If you think the local authority considers the wraparound prominent on the property or you are worried about the neighbour’s outlook, then you must consider this type of extension.

You can connect your flush lights by adding an extension of wraparound, and this extension would increase the side and rear of your host property.

The cost required for the building services:

Different extensions have different prices. Our designs are unique, and so the prices vary from one to another. Wraparound extension prices are high because it covers the dual area of your house.

The materials would be used more for the structural work, creating a new extension in your home; the cost would be more for your existing property. If the width of your kitchen is 4m and the length is 5.3. Then it would cost you around 65,000£.

House Extension in Kent
House Extension in Kent

Side extension costs you around 40£. For a rear wing, the cost would be approximately £55,000. It depends upon the size of the kitchen.

A dream kitchen can enhance the look of your kitchen, and an open kitchen can make more space for the living area and the living rooms. You can share your design with a team of Albion RA so that they can provide you with a final look at your kitchen before starting the construction of your kitchen.

The kitchen should be large enough. Companies like Albion RA Ltd will visit your home, and then they will talk about the cost used for the kitchen.

Time required for building:

Side return extension would take almost two to three months for the construction. And for a House Refurbishment in Bromley, it might take nearly six months. We provide you with the general building, property extension, kitchen refurbishment, and bathroom refurbishment. A professional and qualified team performs every task.

Do you need permission from the local authority?

You need to get permission from the local authority to make changes according to the consent.

If you are living in London, Hillingdon, and planning to extend your property and want to get an idea about your plan. There the highly skilled team will work on your projection. They understand your problems and give you a quote for the work.

They will get back to you as soon as possible and will be happy to serve you their services.

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