If you plan to perform Hajj in 2021 by booking Lahore to Jeddah flights, read this article. It contains all the latest information that you need to know.

Due to the pandemic last year, Muslims worldwide could not book Saudi Airways flights to complete the fifth pillar of Islam, the Hajj. As you’d know that the Hajj season is very near. There has been no solid-state response to would-be pilgrims’ concerns about whether they will be able to travel to Saudi Arabia this year or not. Muslims throughout the globe are concerned about missing yet another chance to fulfill their religious obligations.

Is it possible for pilgrims to perform the Hajj this year?

Saudi Arabia’s government declared on 9th May that the Hajj pilgrimage would resume this year for both Saudi nationals and foreigners. The ministry also claimed that strict security and regulatory procedures would be in place to safeguard pilgrims’ safety and health. With details on these safety measures to be published later.

However, no new specifics about the Hajj policy 2021 have emerged as of early June, less than 50 days before the commencement of the Hajj season on the 18th or 19th of July. The Saudi authorities have stated that they want Muslims worldwide to be able to perform the Hajj obligations.

The world is Waiting for the News

Pakistan has indicated that it is ready to make arrangements for Hajj pilgrims as soon as Saudi Arabia issues formal directives. Meanwhile, the country and its people will have to wait, as the facilitation is heavily reliant on the official policy regarding Hajj. That is yet to be announced by the Saudi Government being announced. So, if you’re from Pakistan and planning to book Lahore to Jeddah flights for Hajj already. You must not do it until the local authorities of both countries properly confirm it.

The government of Pakistani also announced that they should not already go for making Hajj-related reservations. Because the quota has yet to be legally published by Saudi Arabia. Any reservations made before the official announcement will be considered illegal.

The Official Requirements that We Know So Far!

We know that to enter Saudi Arabia for the Hajj pilgrimage. All the travelers from all around the world with Saudi Arabian Airlines Flight. Or any other must be properly vaccinated. According to Saudi Arabia’s admission regulations. The following vaccines are required:

  • Pfizer BioNTech, a couple of dosages.
  • A couple of doses of AstraZeneca Oxford.
  • Moderna in two dosages.
  • Once Johnson and Johnson dosage.
  • The time between getting the first dosage and the next dosage not is shorter than 14 days.

Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has decided only to allow 60,000 people to conduct Hajj this year (2021), according to reports. Local pilgrims will receive 15,000 of the total number. While the rest of the globe will have to make do with the remaining 45,000. Naturally, the world awaits Saudi Arabia’s ultimate judgment on quota allocation with bated breath.

Bear in mind that this year the rules and regulations for the Hajj will also be very strict and whether you are planning to book a Saudi Airways flight or any other airline’, you’ll need to follow all the rules and regulations strictly.