EBook is one of the efficient forms of content writing that can be used as a marketing strategy, heavily used around the globe. It is used to give an enhanced knowledge about a common concern of the target audience. It doesn’t promote business in a direct sense but indirectly markets its ideas and objectives by discussing the relevant topics. It is a much technical form of writing that is based on facts and figures and industrial processes, scientific logic, and creative solutions, etc. It requires great industry research if it is prepared for marketing. Following are some of the must-be components in eBook formation.

Descriptive and Comprehensive Title

The title of an eBook gives the audience a strong reason to read the content. It must be interesting and clearly describes the main motif of the eBook. A clickbait title can damage the reputation of the marketer so it’s better to avoid fascination and stick to the point.

Table of Content/ Navigation

Table of content is the most basic feature even in traditional books that cannot be eliminated. Its function is to tell the audience which and how many aspects of a particular subject you have comprised in your eBook. Also, an exceptional advantage of the navigation page in electronic books is that you can jump to the chapter of your choice by clicking its title in the table of content.

Enhanced Readability

Structure, grammar, format, and language, all are the fundamental principles of any sort of writing but to maintain readability is an exceptional case; all writers do not possess this ability. Creating content for Ebook is much harder than web content and blogs. Matching the writing criteria of eBook is as difficult as writing for Wikipedia page creation and meeting its guidelines. Readability of content includes sentence connectivity, clarity of meaning, considerable and balanced use of articles, etc.

Persuasive Design and Transition

The design and layout of eBook must be sophisticated and attractive. The unwanted pleasures should be avoided in its design. It can be graphical or animated but must be decent. Further, you can add transitional effects and sounds that the audience can experience while turning the page or moving from one activity to another.

Call to Action

This feature is placed at the end of the eBook. You can add any call for action or step that you want the audience to take. It can be a free trial offer or a subscription package or just a feedback box.

Offline Mode/ Download Format

It is one of the most exciting features of an eBook that allows the readers to have offline access to the content. It can be in the form of versatile options:

  • Save to Chrome
  • Save Link on Drive
  • Download Offline
  • Download in PDF

Printing Accessibility

It has a printable format that you can have in the hardcopy form. You can print the eBook as a whole and also a single page or two or multiple. Ebook printing can be done with both online and offline versions.

Sharing Optional

You can share the link of any page or the link to access the whole book to any of your acquaintances or in your online network. You can opt from the following:

Bookmarks and Highlights

Ebook allows you to bookmark important pages and highlight particular passages for your remembrance. Whenever you mark something, it is automatically saved and appears on the screen when you open the book again.

Wrap Up:

There are a lot more features that make an eBook specific for marketing. The above-mentioned features should be considered by all new writers who want to pursue their careers as professional eBook writers. These minor techniques will help them to obtain major benefits.