Two terms consider for popularity, one is fame and the other is infamy.  Fame is considered as the long term and infamy is for the shorter period. For example, Barack Obama has fame because has been the president of the US for a long time. Whereas Osama bin laden had infamy that way for a short period. It is not difficult to be famous, in this era, we can be famous easily through digital platforms. But the point is what should be the reason to be famous, good or bad? This characteristic will define the process otherwise anyone can get popularity through the numerous hits on YouTube video.

There is another kind of fame, you may not hear that. This kind of fame is not enjoyable globally just like mark Zuckerberg and bill gates. You can consider it local, regional, and then national in the specific area. Such fame comes as an authority, income, respect, or any other designation. No matter the income is small or from a very big investment, this becomes the identity of the person. In the normal term, you can say it is the success that comes for the long-lasting period. Every person has a different journey to achieve this fame, easy or hard.

In this blog you will come across the different ways to get famous in a shorter period, find below:

  • Initiate with the efforts for others not for yourself
  • To become the trusted resource for the larger audience then you need to reach the niche directly. There are some steps you should follow:
  • become an inspiration, educator, entertainer without any self-benefit for your business or yourself, just to create a good relationship
  • become the real face of the company, do not let your entity faceless
  • you need to be transparent and accessible with your audience like having active social media platforms that involve the conversations like answering emails, sharing concerns, and share information related to your niche
  • your motive should be friendly, humble, or helpful rather than to be better
  • be the influencer who can engage the users easily with your activities

Once you start getting success then do not feel pride. Instead, try to influence others with the lessons you have learned and attract people to follow your path. In case of unsacred on the first try then do not be motivated, do not blame yourself. There is nothing wrong with failing but you tried your best is a great thing. Start again from the beginning and mind your mistakes and not repeat them.

You can get motivation with the fact that if you did not succeed to get fame then there is nothing wrong, you are not going to have a negative image because no one will care about it till you get popular.

Create An Account On Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the biggest and authentic encyclopedias throughout the world. The information that appears on Wikipedia is considered reliable and accurate that can be used to make huge decisions. So once you register your profile on Wikipedia, you will get a reliable and authentic image for your target audience. So without any delay, find an experienced person and ask how do I create a Wikipedia page for myself, you will get lots of benefits.

That is how you will start seeing that people are following you. Be consistent with what you are doing, once you get your desired audience, start promoting the brands with great offers. Like, offer an additional product with the purchase of your book.