Current Situation and Future Prospects of Fashion Design Education in Bangladesh


Fashion design is an area that has a lot of potential and is vital for Bangladesh. Fashion design is a field with great potential. The fashion design profession has an important role in providing a task to be creative and ingenious. At the present, Bangladesh is ahead in the world market of the fashion industry. Fashion-conscious designers are currently looking at ways to take Bangladesh’s industry of garments to a higher standard shortly, using imagination and focus. There is a lot of potential for fashion design training in Bangladesh.


What’s Fashion Design?

Fashion design is a field that enhances aesthetics by putting designs on everything from shoes to clothing bags, bags, scarves jewellery, and more. Fashion design is also the symbolism of a current fashion.

Designing clothes is a creative art form. Fashion designers are creative. the stylist can do everything from the length of a garment to the colour of its design type of sewing and more.


Design for fashion as a subject that is part of the education system in Bangladesh:

The industry of garments is among the few industries that generate foreign exchange profits in Bangladesh. Not only are garments sold to other countries, but the industry is also a major market in the country. Fashion is made to be in tune with the environment, culture, and tastes of our country. People who are continuously engaged in these discussions include fashion-conscious designers. Fashion designers play an important role in the field of costume design. To be able to succeed in this field you must be skilled in drawing and also get familiar with the life and preferences of various types of people.

Just a few days ago, the public didn’t have a lot of knowledge about fashion. This is not the case anymore. The population is now more aware than ever before. Fashion designers have a hand in meeting the need for trendy clothing for these people. The art of fashion design can be described as a that permits a designer to create a stylish garment through the use of delicate fingers. Make the appearance of being mindful.

Fashion designing has become a very popular occupation. In the past, there was no opportunity to study fashion design in Bangladesh. However, now one can learn about fashion design at a variety of institutions. Numerous institutions, including the Bangladesh University of Textiles, BGMEA University of Fashion and Technology Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology, Govt. College of Applied Human Science, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Uttara University, Dhaka Institute of Fashion have the possibility of studying this topic. The article we have written is about the Top List of Fashion Designing Universities, Colleges Schools, as well as Institutes within Bangladesh

Additionally, there is the possibility of completing a six-month or one-year degree course in fashion technology. This can be completed and employed as an artist. If someone wants to pursue higher-level education, they will have the option of studying in a variety of countries around the world like Malaysia, Europe and America.


Future and current status of the profession of fashion designer within Bangladesh:

There is a large demand for a fashion designers in Bangladesh. A huge variety of clothing and purchasing properties, clothing brands and boutiques have sprouted across Bangladesh, creating a need for skilled labourers in these industries.

Now it is required to employ fashion designers working in the garment industry, purchasing houses, fashion houses all over the world. Thus, the students who’ve received courses in fashion design and apparel merchandise can find jobs in the industry of clothing when they graduate.

If they want the opportunity to create a business in the fashionable house or boutique independently. There are also opportunities for employment outside of the country. In addition, the fact that if you have an excellent track record and expertise, there is an opportunity to be a part of certain universities as a professor.

The range of fashion design is much larger. In recent times, more attention is being accorded to this industry in Bangladesh. There are over 12,000 factories for garments in Bangladesh. There are purchase houses and garment factories, textile industries as well as quality control institutes, and Fashion homes. Bangladesh has set a goal of 50 billion dollars to export ready-made clothing. This means that we’ll need at minimum 50 thousand skilled people. This means that the issue of unemployment will be less. The creation of new jobs is expected to be a success. In this industry, it’s the highly trained manpower, not the ones who have completed their post-graduate and graduate studies in the fields of technology and manufacturing, sales of products clothing design and textile engineering, or design of products. Alongside the theoretical understanding that is imparted through practical training, it is considered to be the most important aspect of this research.

If you work in this field there is a salary greater than that of other professions. If you are completing the internship of fashion design Designers earn an honorarium of up to take 8000 to 12,000 taka. After three months or six months of work experience, in the initial stage of employment within the firm, one is paid between 15 and 20000 BDT each month. The salary increases gradually up to a maximum of 60 thousand. Additionally, a higher salary is contingent on the business. However, if one works for an international business it is possible to earn between one and a half lakhs or three thousand takas by the end of each month. If you pursue a higher degree in fashion design and use this talent is a promising future that is not just within Bangladesh but also internationally.



Eighty-three per cent of Bangladesh’s exports are derived from the ready-made clothing sector. The process of creating the latest fashion trends as well as marketing career opportunities and other business advantages can all be accessed through a fashion-related education. In the end, every graduate student can enrich their own lives as well as the country by gaining an understanding of fashion by using the knowledge they’ve acquired.

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