Fortnite Halloween Costumes: The Best DIY Ideas

Halloween isn’t for a few months away. But if you’re an avid Fortnite fan and you’re planning to step up your costume this year, these DIY ideas are perfect for you. There’s no such thing as planning too early for Halloween, not if you want to get your costume and makeup just right. Whether you’re a gamer, streamer, or long-time fan, these ideas are sure to inspire you.

Start with Face Paint

Costumes aren’t complete without makeup. If you want the total package, start by experimenting with your looks. It’s easy enough to think of designs and styles for your costume. Then figure out which makeup will go with your choices. Shop around for Fortnite face paint to help you get started.

Go Classic

If you’re a fan of the classics, then go back to basics. All you’ll need are camo pants. Make sure to pair that with a black or dark-green tank top. Don’t forget the dog tags, too. That’s it. You’re done. You could also play with fake tattoos or add a few more details with makeup. Here are a few more DIY costumes that you’ll want to try if you want to save on costs while dressing up.

Be a Sun Tan Specialist

Also called the Sun Strider, the costume is perfect for sunny weather. Pop in at the party and spread those beach vibes with this Cali-standard costume. You’ll need red shorts, shades, and flip-flops. You’ll also need a whistle and, of course, the ever-popular red fanny pack that will go around your waist.

Turn into a Skull Ranger

The Fortnite Skull ranger also goes by another name: Skull trooper. If you want to stay spooky for the occasion, this is just perfect. However, it does require a bit more effort since you’ll need to look for a skeleton bodysuit. For the makeup, though, you can use face paint. That’s one way to transform into one of the characters you love in the game.

Sneak in as a Ninja

As a streamer ninja, all you’ll need is a yellow headband. However, you can apply blue-green hairspray or hair dye and then a coat of blue face paint to truly capture the look. It’s not as subtle but it’s a classic look that only real Fortnite fans will know.

Go as Jumpshot

If you love basketball, there’s no way you’ll want to miss going as the Fortnite Triple Threat. Plus, you don’t even have to use too many props to achieve the look. All you need is a red basketball jersey to look like a baller. You’ll also need an armband and a cap that you’ll wear backward. Don’t forget to complete the outfit with sneakers and gym socks.

Have Fun as Funk Ops

The Fortnite Funk Ops or Sparkle Specialist is one of the most fun character designs. If you want to shine, then go with this costume. Your makeup should be sparkly, too, though, if you want them to match. That will go perfect with the chrome or shiny pants, sparkled shirt, and funky shades.

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