Here is How Mineral Water Will Help to Boost Your Immunity

It would be a truism to say that water is essential for a healthy body and its proper functioning. As the human body consists of 70 percent water and most of our essential physiological operations depend on this medium, fluids are indispensable to keeping our body functioning optimally. Furthermore, it is vital to consider a healthy pH to maintain an alkaline balance. 

Mineral water has an optimal balance between magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The alkaline balance of mineral water helps in greater absorption and boosts your immune system. Besides carrying out the essential function of detoxifying your body, mineral water can give you better psychological functioning as well. 

To ensure that you get clean and safe drinking water at home, installing a water purifier that can give you optimum performance is essential. One prime example of the same is the range of Eureka Forbes water purifier models. Incorporating the latest technology to provide you with fresh and clean drinking water, these models allow you to enjoy mineral water at home without enduring a hassling installation process.

Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water

There are good reasons to purchase a water purifier that provides you with mineral water, and some of these include:

Contributes to heart health

Mineral water contributes to a stronger and healthier heart by lowering the levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and raising the levels of good (HDL) cholesterol in one’s body. Due to reduced levels of bad cholesterol, one can have a healthier heart in the long run, thereby boosting immunity.

Adds to bone health

Because mineral water contains an adequate amount of calcium, it can add significantly to your bone health, especially if you are above 25 years of age, for at this stage, one’s bone health starts deteriorating. Therefore, to maintain optimum bone health and ward off diseases, mineral water can prove to be helpful.

Improves digestive health

A sound digestion system depends on the level of magnesium in the body. Processed mineral water can improve any magnesium deficiency in your body and relieve problems like constipation.

Detoxifies the body

Detoxification is one of the most essential functions of the human body. While several diets claim to detoxify the body, they can only do so much. Mineral water can help eliminate potentially toxic substances like arsenic from the body. 

How the Eureka Forbes Water Purifiers Can be Worthwhile Investments

With a premium water purifier from the house of Eureka Forbes, you can ensure clean and safe drinking water for yourself and your family. Incorporated with Universal, RO and UV filtration technologies, these models provide you with healthy water to drink. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of RO water purifier prices to decide on one that effectively caters to your requirements.

Following are some of the best models from the brand that you can check out.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 5 litres RO+UV Water Purifier: 

Get access to safe drinking water with the Eureka Forbes water filter that comes with 8 Stage Purification technology. Ensuring that it maintains an optimal balance between mineral components and toxins’ removal, this Eureka Forbes water purifier can prove to be a worthy investment.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Instant UV Water Purifier

The days of extensive water purification-induced toxicity have passed. The instant water purifier by Eureka Forbes is a model that takes holistic care of all your water filtering needs within minutes. The unique Mineral Guard Technology retains the mineral content of the purified water, so your body can maintain a healthy balance of minerals for optimum performance.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Vista UV Plus UV Water Purifier

Have a large family to take care of and can’t find a purifier that can give you clean water instantly? The Eureka Forbes Vista UV water purifier comes with a technology that can provide you with one liter of instantly-purified water within 30 seconds. You can also save up on your monthly electricity expenses with the energy-saving mode!

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