If you are living in Fort Worth, you must be aware of the fact that wood destroying insects are the biggest threat in the area if you have a house and you want to avoid that in any condition as it costs a lot to repair the damage caused by wood destroying insects i.e. termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood boring beetles and many more. It is better to be safe than sorry as the cost of an inspection which will find out if there is an infestation inside your house or not is comparatively very less than the amount you will have to spend once the infestation has gotten out of hands and destroyed the wooden structure inside your house.

In Fort Worth building inspections, TexInspec Home and Termite Inspection leads the chart when it comes to the best wood inspection Fort Worth has to offer. They have been serving the state of Dallas and Fort Worth since 1985 and are proudly the number one home inspection company there. They cover a wide range of areas and are providing many services which can offer you peace of mind as you can trust them completely when it comes to the health and well-being of your house and family. Their exclusive services work wonders to the maintenance of the structure of your house. In testing times like these when the whole world is fighting with a pandemic, they are open and providing their services by following all the SOP’s and taking care of the health of their customers.

They are still accommodating the customers at the time of inspection, they can be present at the site to know what is happening to their house and how the process goes about and what steps are involved.

Only nine people are allowed at the time of inspection on the property and there should be proper space between them to practice social distancing so that the job can be done carefully and completely and the results should not be affected and transparent completely.

Before taking the decision about whether we should get an inspection done or not, let us have a look at the problem. What problems are you experiencing? What made you think that you should get a home inspection done? Are you going to buy a house and are confused about its condition?

Do you want to get a home inspection done to be sure about spending the savings of your lifetime? Or are you a seller who wants to sell his property immediately but you want to be sure about the state of your house before putting it out in the market so that if issues are found later, it won’t reduce the value of your property?

Or you just want inspection to make your listing more prominent and appealing than others? Well, pre-listing home inspections are definitely a yes as home inspections and especially those from Texinspec Home and Termite Inspections come with a great number of warranties which makes your house definitely more appealing than the others when people are looking for a house to live in. First thing is, that when it is mentioned that this house has been inspected and a report is there to show to the potential buyers, they will be sure about the condition of the house. In addition to it, the warranties that companies provide let’s say for example TexInspec Home and Termite Inspections are a stamp of approval on an already appealing listing. For example, if you are a seller, they provide a free 90- day termite and carpenter ant warranty with each of their home inspection and a 90 day home warranty which gives your potential customers a convenience that the condition of this house is reliable and even if something happens, it is warranted.

Now suppose you are a buyer and you get a home inspection done but after the results came, you decide after seeing the results that now i do not want to buy this house, in this condition they also provide buyer’s protection guarantee which means that if you call them, get an appointment and get a home inspection done, and after that you decide to not buy the house due to any reason, they will give you a $100 off on your next home inspection. So due to all these perks, it does not matter if you are a buyer, seller or a regular resident of Dallas and Fort Worth, you must get an inspection done for your satisfaction and to avoid greater damage.