Why We Choose A Best Home Inspection Service?

GenextInc have highly qualified skilled professionals, who have performed inspection service from last 10+ years. Our property inspectors also have 10 years of construction experience, including building from the ground up to remodeling and maintenance. GenextInc offers radon testing or other indoor air quality and environmental testing. It’s a one stop shop for save your valuable time and money. For a best Home Inspection Services, you need to hire a knowledgeable inspector who can well communicate and guide verbally with written report. We have inspected more then 1000+ homes, have 10+ years’ experience in all aspect of home construction and have a keen eye for detail.

We provide inspection service on commercial and residential properties such as Retail office buildings, colleges, churches, flats, apartments or anything else. We take our inspection report seriously with digital photos. Every inspection process is done through analysis of all major components in home. Report includes clear description, any affected or problem areas mentioned, so that you can easily identify them. Our inspectors provide free telephonic consultation after your inspection for any queries. Our service includes- Roof, Interior walls, Electric system, fireplaces, structure, basement, crawl spaces, water leak evaluations, Plumbing Inspection Services, Radon Testing in Multiple Floor and or Rooms, Lead in Water Testing, heating and cooling system, pipes and blockage etc.

Lets Go through our special Inspection Service-

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