How are Smartwatches Helpful in Tracking Your Health and Fitness?

The advent of smartwatches and fitness trackers brought about a whole new wave of fitness and well-being. Many fitness enthusiasts got just what they needed to track their activity and fitness goals. On the other hand, many individuals entered the fitness world as the prospect of donning these futuristic wrist watches to bolster one’s health is exciting.

Today, smartwatches are not only fitness-based gadgets, but they also double up as the perfect fashion accessories that you can wear every day. Fitbit watches and fitness bands were among the first to popularise the concept of smartwatches in India.

The brand offers some of the best Bluetooth watches that can help you get better insight into your health and track your progress towards your fitness goals. This article will understand how smartwatches can help you track your health metrics and fitness goals.

  • Monitor heart rate

One of the most notable features of smartwatches is that they allow you to track your resting heart rate. Almost all popular smartwatches such as Samsung, Apple and Fitbit watches come with in-built heart rate monitors. Thus, your smartwatch can help you understand your heart rate variations when you work out.

The best smartwatches also give you a notification to remind you to increase the intensity of your workout or give you a warning if you have overdone yourself. All this helps you avoid heart problems and maintain a healthy heart rate by keeping you in a zone that enhances your fitness level. Advanced smartwatches can also detect abnormal heart rate patterns and warn you of the same. In such cases, you can visit a doctor to get yourself checked and avoid any major health problems.

  • Encourage active lifestyle

A survey found that 57% of smartwatch owners started exercising more after buying Bluetooth watches such as Garmin or Fitbit watches. Smartwatches allow anyone to easily start a fitness regime that is tailor-made for them. These watches also give you reminders to tell you to start working out when you have been inactive for some time. Additionally, the best Bluetooth watches come with built-in apps that allow you to choose different fitness plans that suit your schedule and physical ability. As a result, you can follow the workout routine that is comfortable for you to get the desired results. You can also get short workouts, high-intensity interval training and easy to follow tutorials. 

  • Track your activity

One of the best features of smartwatches is detailed activity tracking. Advanced wearable devices allow you to track everything from daily steps to workout minutes, running/walking speed, calories burned, blood pressure and much more. This data can be highly insightful in understanding your regular activity and how you can improve it.

Additionally, you can get real-time metrics of the calories you burn when doing cardio, pilates, yoga and a plethora of other activities. Smartwatches also curate your fitness objectives based on your height and weight, and accordingly, they create small goals for you to achieve those objectives.

  • Track health metrics

Modern smartwatches stop at nothing to track critical health metrics such as blood pressure, ECG, skin temperature and oxygen saturation. Having access to quick and handy knowledge of these metrics can prove beneficial to your health. This is especially helpful for people who suffer from heart diseases, hypertension, respiratory disorders, etc.

Furthermore, the best Fitbit watches come with advanced features such as the EDA scan app, which detects electrodermal activity and pinpoints your body’s response to stress. The app also allows you to log your mood, from very stressed to very calm. This can greatly help you understand how your body reacts to stress.

  • Improve your sleep

Wearable devices can also help you improve your sleep quality by offering an understanding of your sleep patterns. A smartwatch collects comprehensive data on when you sleep, how long you sleep and how much of that is deep sleep. When you feel like you haven’t gotten proper sleep, you can always check the data and clear your doubts. Thanks to this feature, you can take steps to enhance your sleep schedule and quality.

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