If an unfortunate accident has caused an ugly crack or damage to your sidewalk, most people in the community will probably agree on how much of an eye-sore. What you don’t know is that It can also be quite dangerous for you and others in the community and practically anyone who comes by the area. They are a tripping hazard for anyone who walks by, and this could be pedestrians, kids riding their bicycle, or someone out on a simple morning stroll.

Anyone who missed the cracks and the damage to the sidewalk might trip over it. In the winter times when water accumulates in the cracks, these cracks can expand and become more dangerous to you. So, if you have any cracks or raises on a sidewalk near your home, you should probably know why you should be getting it repaired already:

Accidents may be caused:

If a sidewalk is cracked, it’s easy to get your heel or toe caught in the crack and trip or fall flat on your face. As you can imagine, this would sustain some severe injuries, moreover, if the crack is left to expand, then a passerby might get their leg stuck in there, and they might end up spraining or twisting their angle. When a sidewalk pavement cracks, parts of it crumble away, leaving more cause for injury on the roads. If the crack is caused in a public place, people with disabilities and the elderly in wheelchairs are more likely to sustain injuries.

Lawsuits and legal liabilities:

If a sidewalk around your property is damaged, it will typically be revealed during one of the DOT inspections. Then you will be receiving a notice that will hold you accountable for the repair. You might think that a broken or cracked sidewalk pavement is nothing to file a lawsuit over.

Still, the truth is that a broken pavement or broken sidewalk can cause some severe injuries, which may motivate someone to file a lawsuit. If the crack was around your business or residential property, you might be held responsible for their troubles. If you are a business, then the last thing you want is to face a lawsuit for public safety hazards. Make sure that you avoid any such thing and contact a sidewalk contractor.

What to look for in a sidewalk Contractor:

You will probably have to consider many things if you want to make sure that you complete your sidewalk repair in time. If the sidewalk damage has been spotted during one of the inspections, you will have at most 45 days to fix the damage, and if not, you will need to make sure you fix it before you get a notice or before someone trips over it. Here is what you need to do to make sure that you hire the right contractor for the job:

Make sure they have a license:

If your contractor has a license, they will be much more reliable to get you through repair, especially during the stages of getting the permit for repair or requesting an inspection after the repair. This license will also ensure that you are not held responsible for any damages that may be caused during the repair process.

Make sure that they can repair in time:

Remember that you will need enough time to get over the protocol of requesting a permit and an inspection before you are pardoned. Make sure that you hire a contractor who can get to work immediately and get the work done in good quality.

Make sure that you hire an experienced contractor:

You will need to make sure that the contractor knows what they are doing and if they have dealt with similar situations before, or else things will get complicated, especially under a defined deadline. Make sure you ask questions and review their license before you hire a contractor. To be on the safe side, it is probably wise to keep a copy of their license with you.

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