How can educational institutions benefit from alumni management solutions?

No doubt, maintaining relations with alumni is more critical than ever. Alumni play a crucial role in fundraising activities and spreading positive word-of-mouth. In addition, they often remain one of the most loyal supporters of any educational institution. Thus, organizations must use their experience, skills, and professional networks. 

Former students also prove a great role model for current trainees. So, their practical support proves valuable. 

Getting an alumni relationship management system (ARMS) becomes inevitable once the community overgrows. If your education management system does not provide alumni management tools, the need becomes immediate. Here’s a glimpse into the advantages of investing in alumni management software:

Do you want to keep that strong sense of fellowship alive in former students? Messages and updates help in doing that.

Some former students may prefer texts. Others may appreciate an email, social media messages, or app notifications. You must stay connected with them via their preferred method of communication. 

Administrators can leverage data gathered during various stages of the trainee lifecycle. Then, share updates on classmates and past professors to keep members engaged. 

You can send news, updates for various campaigns, and forum notifications with good software. You get to use a single platform to send and receive messages via many channels. Your team can make new connections, set up meetings using a unified platform. 

  • Forums for healthy discussions

There is nothing as powerful as a discussion for learners. And forums are perfect for promoting debate between past and present students. In addition, trainees can collaborate and seek guidance from seniors.

Whether queries are about curriculum or career-related, healthy discussions always prove fruitful. Your institute’s ARMS can help generate new discussions, track conversations, and analyze trends. It enables knowledge sharing between present and former trainees.

  • Aid in fundraising activities 

Several schools, colleges, and universities rely on private donations. The need for additional revenue has increased over the last two years. Thus, fundraising for various activities is one of the most crucial responsibilities for administrators. Ex-students who have gained an influential status in society can help in fundraising. Besides money, such campaigns also help in morale-boosting during tough times.

The institution can run many fundraisers at the same time. Its features assist in sending promotional messages across the network and gauge responses. Integration with a payment gateway allows you to process digital payments. As a result, receipts generate automatically, reducing the scope for financial errors. Also, generating reports for various donations becomes easy. The feature helps save time during financial auditing. 

Most importantly, you can notice greater participation in events if you plan and organize the event well. 

Can a strong bond between trainees and institutions really help in serious fundraising? Are there any case studies to establish the link? Yes, there are. The most recent one from Princeton University deserves attention. The alumni community at the university created a record of sorts by raising $66.3 million. It’s easy for an institution to convince alumni for donations rather than approaching outside donors. 

  • Connecting recruiters with alumni 

Trainees do find job opportunities during campus recruitment or post-course completion. But, unfortunately, that’s not the case with every student. So, your HR team will like to keep in touch and help these individuals build their careers.

Alumni management software helps store data for thousands of trainees seeking jobs. You can let recruiters access their academic and personal information from remote locations. Role-based access ensures trainee information remains secure. It proves a win-win situation for all. Recruiters get access to the right talent. Your former students grow financially, and the institution succeeds in creating a lifetime bond. 

  • Managing communications for physical and virtual events

Alumni engagement initiatives remain incomplete without physical or virtual events. 

The number of physical events remains minuscule. As a result, most organizations prefer virtual formats. 

The alumni relationship software must offer video conferencing capabilities. The function enables you to conduct webinars, video calls, and roundtable discussions. After all, why use multiple systems when you can fulfill all communication via one?

So, most systems offer the following event management communication capabilities: 

  • Ability to integrate with digital events calendar
  • Ability to send invitation emails with webinar links 
  • Sending text messages about events
  • Analyzing responses to emails and texts 
  • Sending automated reminders to former students who showed interest in the event 
  • Integration with payment gateways to support online event fee payment 
  • Social media integration

  • Greater control on initiatives via a central control 

If your institution has branches at many locations, ARMS is a must for you. Advanced software lets you arrange events, handle engagement initiatives, and manage outreach channels. All this, using a single platform for all branches. 

  • Test your alumni relations efforts 

The dashboard feature lets you analyze the performance of your initiatives. You can even sort data based on interests, geography, profession, age group, and so on. Gathering and filtering such information without software can take hours. No worries, tools in ARMS make things easy. 

The software’s analytics capabilities offer details like:

  • The number of active alumni contacts 
  • New connections made during the month or week
  • List of most contributing members
  • Number of inactive members
  • Type of alumni campaigns that receive most responses 

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The endnote:

No matter if you are a school, college, university, or coaching center. With superb alumni relationship software, you can efficiently run placement campaigns, mentorships, internships, and engagement campaigns.

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