Today, businesses have a lot of opportunities to explore in the global market, while on the other side competition is growing at all stretches.

This will happen and no one can stop it. The main reason is the continuous growth of information technology and communication infrastructure. The only practical way is to find a way and grow in the process taking apt decisions.

The advancement and growth of communication technologies have left the world wide open for everyone to connect. This connection is happening dynamically across global networks and is being served with greater ever venturing tech ideas and inventive communication roles with time.

This is a rising trend that is much supported by social media and the tools and resources that support it across the line. As a business that is operating online or has the target audiences mostly active across the digital landscape has ample opportunities lying ahead with social media marketing.

It is not just about creating a viable online presence and connecting with your audiences but also about building a parallel digital user base and social proof with a recognizable online presence and brand value.

A recent study says, over 90% of marketers confirmed the effectiveness of social media marketing. 80% of them revealed that by adopting different SMM strategies they were able to increase their inbound traffic and scale brand-level communication.

This is, however, just the tip of it. There are a string of benefits you avail as you choose to go with a social media marketing program for your startup.

Let’s have a look at the beaming possibilities:

  1. It helps in increasing web traffic

By building your social media communication channel to reach out to target audiences, you get to create a sustainable stream of traffic. This is confirmed by over 70% of businesses who were asked about the value they have been able to create with social media marketing. Businesses from over 15 different industry verticals across 50+ product and service categories found platform marketing to be highly beneficial in adding a steady and continuous influx of traffic to their website. This makes social media marketing highly lucrative and beneficial for increasing the flow of traffic and visitor activity on the website.

  1. Slashes down marketing cost

There are different modes of marketing to help you amplify your online reach and presence. And all of them call for real efforts and at times require a certain amount of investment. But, as a startup, you may not have a bigger budget to spare for paid marketing while you may need immediately visible exposure to carve a prominent presence through audience networks. This is where you can leverage social media going with organic networking and engagement efforts. This proves to be highly effective and a big cost-saver especially for businesses that depend on traditional advertising and there’s a constant need to flashing their brand and build a strong social footprint across the target market base.

  1. Promotes enhanced customer service

Precisely built social media marketing strategies help you build a significant brand identity and communication base. But, that’s the only part that is most talked about over other possibilities that it has to offer. This is as much an opportunity for start-ups and SMEs to create a socially decked customer support base when they can’t afford to have a self-serving Customer Service System. Facebook and Twitter are great options to help you with this as you get networking and communication features to connect and serve your users with immediate communication and support for any business query or request. You also have the option to get customer reviews and build a service forum to extend community-led help to your customers.

  1. Helps in improving organic search rankings

Optimizing searches for engine rankings doesn’t work in a silo. It requires an all-around effort from all directions. This is how businesses get to build authority by growing their inbound reach and traffic building a viable digital presence. With more active profiles and a strong digital communication base, you get to hit high on social radar and that’s a criterion of search engines to weigh online influence and presence of a business. The digitally-powered brand activity and communication practices instigated by social media marketing efforts help you gain higher search authority and push you up on SERP rankings.

  1. Builds your brand image and social authority

You are not doing your brand promotions right enough if you are not promoting your brand on social media. A large chunk of your audiences are spending time online and it is a vast ground of opportunity for your business to commit to enriching social experience and brand engagement value. Here, you should aim at building a brand communication outline and go with an agenda of promotion to build your social say-so and build a strong proof of your presence across all leading platforms. Doing this steadily and consistently going with a focused brand building plan, you can tap audience reaction in your favor and claim an authoritative brand presence across prominent networks.

  1. Establishes trust and reinforces customer loyalty

Having your customers to trust your brand is most important for you to grow and flourish in your business. But, it doesn’t come easy and takes a lot of effort and time. You need a strong base of communication contributing to a certain brand persona and value identity. This should be following a tactically deployed brand loyalty and trust-building program serving your business growth goals. But, as a new business, you have a limited budget to do that. This is where social media gets you the affordable choice to reach out to selective users, tell them your story, engage in brand activities, show them your social proof, and instill loyalty into them. Allowing you to earn more trust points and brand credit with them through the course of the engagement.


Social media sets out as an open ground for breeding opportunities for online startups and SMEs. With more people joining the social space and being actively utilized for connecting with friends, checking with the latest news, getting entertained, and exploring great deals, social media platforms are where people stay active more than ever now. Different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are now a place where brands can discover lucrative business opportunities, connect with more users, and create a viable brand presence online.

PS: With the help of well-directed social media management, your business can get the best of hyper-integrated machinery of networking and explore great opportunities around communication and branding. This is how you can expect great value coming in far beyond the scope of traditional or mainstream marketing.

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