Trains have been a crucial part of the country’s lifeline for decades. Be it for transportation of goods and carriage. With changing times, the way we travel has changed but what has remained constant is trains being used highly for commutation, especially by the local public. For those who find flights suffocating or flight fare a little too much on the expensive side, the train remains the best option to travel long distances conveniently on a stipulated budget.

However, with everything being digitized nowadays, one can easily book and cancel tickets for long or short-distance travel. You can easily book tickets online for local or express trains. Yes, it has become that easy! Book train tickets from the convenience of your home and office now with the help of numerous websites and applications. 


The days of standing in a long queue or getting the help of agents to book train tickets are gone. Here are a few reasons you should switch to booking train tickets online.

  • Convenient – We all know how getting your train tickets standing in the long queue is hectic. But you can now easily book train tickets at your convenience. 
  • Variety of options – A plethora of websites and applications give the option of booking train tickets online. They are also offering discounts and unbelievable deals on every booking.
  • Quick process – The process of booking train tickets online is super fast. Just select or enter the necessary details, make the payment, follow the suggested procedure, and voila! You have your train tickets ready. 
  • Saves time – Nowadays, one can book train tickets anywhere, anytime. And the quick and hassle-free procedure saves a lot of time, especially if you are a daily commuter and need tickets to travel every day. 
  • Customer Service – Not as much needed in this case, but if one genuinely messes up the booking, they can always rely on the customer care associated with the said apps and websites that provide complete assistance in such situations.
  • Cancellations – Not just for bookings, one can also use these applications and websites for canceling an already booked ticket. The best part is that ticket booking websites, and apps offer refunds on cancellations as well. However, different train ticket booking websites have other cancellation and refund policies. Some websites offer cancellation within a stipulated time or refund only a fixed amount. It varies from website to website and apps to apps. 
  • Other features – Almost all train ticket booking websites have added features as well to make the experience more accessible for the customers, where one can search for seat availability for particular dates, the PNR status of their trains, and can even track the real location of the train. These features make online booking train tickets so much more convenient. 


Anyone with the minimum knowledge of the internet and a basic understanding of it can easily book train tickets. Anybody can undertake the procedure being super simple. Let’s check out the basic steps involved in almost all train tickets bookings. 

  • Choose a reliable website – Choose an app or website that users trust. The best way to know about the reliability of the website is by researching through the reviews. Go through the reviews left by the customers, which will always give you an idea about the trustworthiness of the train ticket booking app or website. 
  • Choose the destination – Select both your destination – starting and arrival. 
  • Select the train – Choose from the options of trains available according to the timings of your convenience and availability of seats. Do not forget to double-check the destinations. 
  • Provide details – Provide all the necessary information demanded by the booking website. Some apps or websites would also want you to register before starting the ticket booking procedure. 
  • Payment – Choose a reliable website or apps, which assures that the payment gateway is safe and secure. Make the payment following the procedure or mediums accepted by the particular website or application. 
  • Check confirmation – After making the booking, check the confirmation of both your payment and tickets. Although most websites give immediate confirmations via SMS or emails, server issues sometimes lead to delay in such confirmations. Contact the customer service of the website or app you used to book train tickets if you do not receive any confirmation within 24 hours of making the payment and booking


As every coin has two sides, sometimes booking train tickets online might not be such a hassle-free experience. Here are some things that might go wrong and cause some issues.

  • Payment issues – Sometimes, the payment might get deducted due to server issues, but the booking might not be confirmed. This happens most of the time when the website receives too much traffic and processes slowly.
  • Not finding seats – As booking trains online is so convenient, most people nowadays prefer booking their seats in advance as it is a lot cheaper and much more secure, it might not be a wise idea to delay your bookings to the last moment. This might lead to the unavailability of seats. 
  • Unreliable websites – With the increasing popularity of online booking of train tickets, there is also a rise in fraudulent websites. Be very aware while booking the tickets and making the payments. 
  • Customer service issues – While most applications and websites promise the best customer service and guarantee how treasured the customers are, and some might face customer service issues. Sometimes the refund might not come just as on time, or problems might arise with cancellation, which sometimes, these customer care executives are not as capable of handling. 


One should always be cautious while booking a train ticket online. Let’s check out some of the things users should always keep in mind before, during, and after the procedure.

  • Proper research – Do thorough research about the website and go through customer reviews before booking train tickets online via a website or an application. Check if the website you are going to use is secure enough. 
  • Comparison – Various websites offer various deals and offer on train ticket bookings. While you won’t find any significant difference in the ticket prices, the offers do impact the overall cost. Compare different prices on various websites and choose the one that offers the best deal. 
  • Providing details – Fill up the details carefully and do not miss any necessary information. Give utmost care while giving personal information like a phone number or email. Choose the destination carefully and see the timings deliberately as well.       

Booking or canceling train tickets online is easy; however, one must be heedful. The most significant advantage online booking provides is convenience and speed with the procedure. With times, the booking procedure of train tickets has gone under immense change, and now it is more about the ease of the customers. Apart from making the process more convenient for customers, online booking has also led to much more secure payments and lesser frauds. 

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