The last two decades have been crucial in terms of technological advancements. Various inventions like Electric Cars have become common and are promising candidates for the future. Many people are turning to Electric Cars since they are both efficient and environmentally friendly.

Even though these cars got developed a long time ago, it is only recently that they gained recognition. And though they have recently risen to popularity, they are just as efficient petrol or diesel vehicles. So you can witness various EV charging stations in the cities these days.

How To Operate The Charging Station?

Operating a charging system is quite simple if you’re a registered user and use the mobile app, but you can do it without that. You have to go to one of the electric car charging points and identify yourself through your phone. Or you could plug in the charger and pay with your card instead.

You can choose how long you want to charge as per the payoff, and after you’re done you can pay on the app or with a debit/credit card. You will receive the bill regarding the charging time, payoff and cost after the payment, and you’re all set to use your vehicle.

How Do Charging Stations Work?

Charging stations are outlets that provide power that recharges the battery present in your vehicle. Depending on the charger capacity and the battery, the charging time and usage time may differ.

Older versions of charging stations were not as efficient as the newer versions are. Newer versions usually are Smart Charging stations that effortlessly charge your vehicle without much fuss.

Why Are Smart Charging Station Ideal?

Since electricity is different from fuel, it becomes crucial for the owner to measure the exact amount for billing. The consumer also wants to know the details of the transaction. The older stations didn’t have as complex a system to organize such data. But with Smart Charging stations, that is not the case.

Smart Charging stations automatically provide both the customer and owner with the exact amount of electricity consumed, the payoff and the price. Additionally, if you download a mobile app and register yourself, the payment process becomes almost instant.

Which Charging Station To Choose?

Charging stations also differ in terms of their charging time and the range. Various stations are present in different places, and through their payoffs differ, they are all ideal for a specific use.

Home Chargers or Low Output Chargers– These chargers require your usual 120V outlet and are perfect to use at home. They have a lower payoff due to slower charging but are affordable and efficient.

For a working person who does a 9-5 job, they are ideal. The car can be left to charge overnight and give the necessary payoff. These chargers are also knowns as Level 1 chargers and are present in homes.

DC Fast Chargers– These are the most efficient of all EV chargers, mostly found on busy routes and roads. They are 480 V chargers that provide twelve times the range payoff per hour than the Level 2 chargers.

They are perfect for people who need to travel long distances or have run out of power. But these are slightly harder to find since they are high technology and expensive.

Community Chargers or Medium Output Chargers– They are present in residential buildings for community use or office buildings for employees. These chargers are more powerful than Level 1 chargers.

Also known as level 2 chargers, they are 240V chargers. They give almost four times the payoff per hour as compared to level 1 chargers. workplace EV chargers or Residential Complex EV chargers are usually Level 2 chargers.


EV chargers are popping up in busy locations in cities each day now. More of these chargers are present, and they are perfect for EV owners who need to charge their vehicles on the way.

They are user friendly, so once you know the basic steps for their usage, you too can charge your vehicle.