How to Export Zimbra Mailbox to Outlook? – Complete Guide

Summary: Do you want to export Zimbra mailbox to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013? Don’t panic if you can’t find good deals online. We have described solutions that allow users to export and convert Zimbra to Outlook. So without further ado, let’s get started right away.

Today, e-mail has become an important part of all organizations, from businesses to schools. All these areas have been digitized and communicated with an e-mail program. So, based on these conditions, experts have found many email applications, including desktop and browser-based mail applications. Zimbra is an email client that provides users with browser-based and desktop-based connectivity. Let’s take a closer look at the email application.

 Overview – Zimbra Email Client and Outlook

Zimbra is a popular open source email client and collaboration server that supports multiple operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. This application provides users with desktop and browser-based email services. It comes in both open (free) and commercial (web version), so users can access the service as needed. Business models support closures, including the MAPI Connector for Outlook, which is a feature of Zimbra.

Outlook, on the other hand, is a Microsoft product and is supported by all Windows. Although Mac users can use a separate Outlook family that only runs on Mac OS X. However, MS Outlook is more of a Windows product, and its latest version is Outlook 2016. It is often used as email, also known as personalization. data manager, because Outlook can manage contacts. Meetings and conferences, writing, writing essays and more. Users can use Outlook in two ways: as a standalone application or with SharePoint Server and Exchange Server.

Why Export Zimbra Mailbox to Outlook?

 Since Zimbra has a simple interface and still allows you to manage multiple user accounts in one interface, users are a bit disappointed with account accessibility due to slow response. Also, the time-consuming process of configuring Zimbra has a negative effect on users who want to get things done quickly. Also, there is no phishing filter option, so it does not support replies to bottom messages, and there is no option to reformat incoming messages, which are only in MS Outlook mail. With Zimbra dominating the market for 2 years, Outlook remains the number one choice for users. Therefore, users are looking for a way to export emails from the Zimbra folder to Outlook.

Perfect Solution to Convert Zimbra Mailbox Folder to Outlook?

 Due to the different file extensions supported by Zimbra and Outlook, there is little or no way to do this process manually. The file format supported by Zimbra is TGZ which contains the entire Zimbra mailbox database i.e. Emails, Contacts, Briefcase, Calendar, Notes, Tasks and others which are not recognized by Outlook at all. Because Outlook uses the same PST format. So, if the user wants to view Zimbra files in Outlook, it is important to import the Zimbra mailbox to PST format, what to do? By using a third-party professional Zimbra TGZ converter Tool, users can correctly and accurately export emails from Zimbra to Outlook without data loss.

Zimbra for Outlook is an easy-to-understand solution that provides reliable, complete, consistent and batch conversion from Zimbra user profile folders to PST. The workspace is interactive and easy to use, and even new users can quickly convert Zimbra emails to Outlook. Moreover, it is the only tool that can manage your entire Zimbra mailbox with phonebook, calendar, notepad, tasks, envelopes, etc. Export to PST format, so there is no other application for the process at all.

Few Simple Steps to Export Zimbra Mailbox to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 

  • Download and open Zimbra Converter on your system

Download Zimbra Converter

  • Click Add File/Add Folder to load the appropriate TGZ files/folders

Add TGZ Files

  • Click on Advanced options to apply the filter to convert Zimbra file to PST file format

Choose Advanced Setting

  • Click the Browse button and select the desired destination to save the generated PST file to your system

browse files

  • Click Export and start exporting Zimbra mailboxes to Outlook.

Key Features of the Software

  • The Bulk Mode tool allows you to export multiple messages from a Zimbra folder to Outlook
  • Software-provided dual conversion mode for optional migration.
  • Allows you to choose the desired location to save the resulting data.
  • Separate options are available for exporting Zimbra contacts and Zimbra calendars.
  • No need to install Zimbra email client.
  • All old and new versions of the Windows operating system are supported.
  • With the preview option, you can see the e-mail file and its format.

Free Trail Edition

Download Zimbra Converter for free to export messages from Zimbra mailboxes to Outlook, including address books, calendars, short letters, notes, memos, and more. It is provided by the developer so that users can verify the software before investing in the license key. With the free demo, you can export first 25 items per folder with attachments in seconds.


You need a reliable converter to export Zimbra mailbox to Outlook. The product mentioned is complete software with excellent filter options. Although users can access these tools without external assistance, users or non-users can operate the software. You can download a free trial version of the software to test its features. If you are interested, buy the license key for unlimited changes.

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