How to Extract All Attachments from MBOX File? – Easy Way

Overview: Are you looking for a way to extract all attachments from MBOX file? If so then keep reading this article. In this blog, we will explain how to separate all files (including attachments) from MBOX in a specific result location. 

Recently, we have seen an increasing number of problems related to extracting attachments from MBOX files. There are many people who ask the question of whether it is possible to save all attachments without opening them. We present here online questions so that you can easily sort it by topic

Hello, yesterday I received a lot of MBOX files from my colleagues. This MBOX file contains many important attachments related to my work. We need to open it up and see it quickly so I can continue my work. The problem now is that I have a timeout. I don’t have much time to get rid of them one by one. A simple fix is needed so that all these attachments can be extracted together. Please tell me the best solution as soon as possible. thank you very much. Thank you

Recommended Solution to Extract All Attachments from MBOX File 

To solve all these kinds of questions, For this you need a professional solution – SysTools MBOX Attachments Extractor Tool, It application offers the convenience of extracting multiple MBOX email attachments from multiple emails at once. You can download this application on Mac and Windows computers. . Furthermore, there will be no data loss, the original format of the email will be properly preserved. The all-in-one utility ensures that all attachment properties are preserved in extracted attachments. Users don’t have to worry about data manipulation or data inconsistencies. The various metadata properties embedded in the attachment are well preserved. There are many different types of MBOX files and different types of files can be provided by the simple MBOX format. This software supports all MBOX variants and derivates like .mbx, .mbs, MBOX without any extension of the original .mbox file.

Note: This app is shareware. You can use it to download multiple email attachments from MBOX. For complete attachments, then purchase a software key.

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Extract All Attachments from MBOX File in Few Steps

Follow the prescribed procedure to extract multiple attachments from your MBOX file.

  • Run MBOX file Attachment Extractor Software

MBOX file Attachment Extractor

  • Select Add Files / Add Folder to add MBOX or MBS files in the Software panel

click Add MBOX File

  • Select the folder that contains your MBOX files and click Next

Select the MBOX folder

  • When you import files into the Software pane, Preview all MBOX files

Preview shows all the files

  • If you select the wrong MBOX file, click Remove or Remove All to remove the file

click Remove or Remove All to remove the file

  • Click Extract to extract the attachments from the MBOX file.

Click Extract button

Benefits and Features of this Utility

  • Easily remove attachments from MBOX files to reduce the original file size.
  • Supports MBOX files for Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, and more.
    Multiple choice of *.mbox files/folders in MBOX Attachment Extraction Toolkit.
  • Provides a filter to extract attachments within a specific date range
  • Save attachments by file type (include and exclude)


In the above article, we have explained the process of batch extract all attachments from MBOX file directly to the computer. Using automated software, data can be easily extracted. The best part of this app is the advanced option to download attachments from multiple email accounts. 

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