How to Find Essay Writing Helper which Is Cheap in Price?


Academic life is not easy. It necessitates a great deal of focus, passion and dedication. It is easy to get bogged down because of academic stress. Modern students, however, have many options available at their disposal to facilitate them in their academic journey. In the past, students did not have many options. They had to put in a lot of hard work to complete their degrees. But, students these days can get academic assistance for their essay writing assignments. There are a lot of professional companies and writers who are offering their writing services online. They are experts in their fields and ensure that the students get good marks in their assignments. But, choosing a trustworthy and reliable writing service requires research. It is essential to do so because there are many scammers in the field of writing who exploit and blackmail clients. This article will help you find an essay writing helper that is affordable and reliable.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Someone to Write Your Essay

Price is essential to consider before choosing a writing service to write your essay. But, some essential features of a writing service should be overviewed. Even if you want cheap essay writing services, you must narrow down your search to the following criteria:

  • Customised Essays

Many students wrongly assume that they should settle down for pre-written essays if they pay less. But, if you settle down for this option, you will fail the course with utmost certainty. It is because pre-written essays were written for someone else. The chances are that it already exists on the Turnitin database, and if you submit a pre-written essay, you will fail the course. So, you should always go for those websites and essay writing services in UK that will write your essay from scratch.

  • No Plagiarism

It is a natural progression from the primary point. Always prioritise the originality of the essays, no matter how inexpensive an assignment writing service is. Reputable writing services always state that they write assignments from the start. Moreover, they also mention that they verify them for plagiarism using the most up-to-date methods. Reputable writing services also give you a plagiarism report along with the essay.

  • Timely Delivery

If a writing company or essay writing helper cannot deliver on time, the price does not matter. It is essential to hire those people who can deliver on time. But, you need to understand that the value of time is equivalent to money. The less time you give to a professional writing service to write your essay, the more it will charge you. So, it is essential to plan accordingly and then decide about hiring someone for writing your essay.

  • Full Refund

Reputable writing services mention on their writing services that if the quality of the essay is poor, they will refund the whole amount.

The characteristics mentioned above should be the qualifying criteria before hiring an essay writing helper for your essay. Let’s overview the best and cheapest essay writing services available online.

1. The Academic Papers UK

The Academic Papers UK provides a professional essay writing helper for your assignments. They are reliable and affordable. Let’s take an overview of their writing services and what differentiates them from others.


  • The Academic Papers UK provides academic writing services, encompassing essays, coursework assignments, research papers, and thesis or dissertations.
  • They provide the services of customised assignments according to the client’s needs and requirements.
  • They ensure that there are no spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes
  • They provide 100% plagiarism-free assignments
  • They proofread and edit your assignments before sending them
  • Revisions are free to maintain quality

Distinguishing Features

  • Experienced writers who are experts in their field and highly qualified
  • They protect the privacy of their clients and keep the work confidential
  • They also provide free samples for you to ascertain the quality of their work
  • They send you the draft first before final submission
  • Plagiarism reports, along with every assignment
  • They have a quality assurance team that ensures that the essay writing helper is writing your assignment according to academic standards.
  • They have 24/7 customer assistance to answer your queries
  • They provide a full refund in case of poor assignments

Price Breakdown

Delivery Time Price/Page             Paper Format
    Proper References
24 hours £   25.95 250 words per page
02 days £   22.95 MS Word Document
03 days £   20.95 Font Arial
04 to 05 days £     18.95 Font Times New Roman
06 to 09 days £     16.95 Double Line Spacing
11 to 15 days £     14.95 Font Size 12/1 line Margin Indent
More than 15 days £     12.95 Single Line Spacing


2. Cheap Essay Writing UK

Cheap Essay Writing UK is also one of the best and most reliable essays writing helpers. They have over 1000 highly qualified writers and experts in their field. They provide the highest quality and properly-referenced essays and research papers. Let’s overview some of their distinguishing features:

  • The academic essay assignments go through quality inspection to uphold the standards of quality
  • They are the most authentic and trusted essay writing helper in the UK and around the globe
  • They provide 100% plagiarism free work and plagiarism reports
  • If you have a very limited team to complete your essay, they will assign a whole team to work on your essay at an affordable price
  • You can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the assignment
  • Revisions are completely free

Price Breakdown

Delivery Time A level/O level Undergraduate Graduate/Masters PhD
24 hours £22.95 £24.95 £26.95 £28.95
Two days £19.95 £21.95 £23.95 £25.95
Three days £17.95 £19.95 £21.95 £23.95
4 to 5 days £15.95 £17.95 £19.95 £21.95
6-9 days £13.95 £15.95 £17.95 £19.95
11 to 15 days £11.95 £13.95 £15.95 £17.95
More than 15 days £9.95 £11.95 £13.95 £15.95



You can get an essay writing helper from the writing mentioned above services. They are trustworthy and provide affordable writing services. So, next time you get an assignment that you cannot complete on time, you can utilise their services.


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