How to Find Instagram Influencers for Your Brand?

If you think of influential people, Instagram is probably the first image that pops into the forefront.

This is because the popularity and features of the platform allowed celebrities the opportunity to share their personal lives and make a deeper connection to their fans.

This is why consumers feel confident in the opinions of a person who is influential when it comes down to recommendations for products.

Similar to how people believe when a family or friend member endorses a brand.

In reality, 63% of people trust the opinions of influencers say about their products more than what companies say about themselves.

Without the appropriate influencers, your campaign won’t be authentic and the people won’t trust the advice, which could result in an unfavorable return on investment.

In this article you will discover how to select the perfect Influencers on Instagram to promote your business. You have also opportunity to get these influencers via buy instagram followers Australia. Which prove handy to promote your business on Instagram.

Why do you require Instagram influencers?

With more than one billion monthly active users, it’s not a surprising that Instagram is among the most effective platforms for reaching the people who are your company’s ideal customers.

Influencers are those who have established relationships with a particular audience, which could be overlapping with your population.

Finding the best influencers is essential to your marketing strategy because they act as the bridge to your perfect client.

In out of sixty percent Instagram users report that they have learned about the latest products through Instagram.

This implies that Instagram influencers are extremely effective in bringing new products in the eye of consumers.

The power of the creators is so strong that they can transform an established brand into a massive success.

Through frequent partnerships with influencers on Instagram you will be able to consistently connect with new people.

First, you have to locate the best Instagram influencers who have an audience that is similar to your desired audience.

How to locate influencers

There are a variety of ways you can discover influencers who are ideal for your niche and brand.

Once you have done that then, you need to establish an ongoing partnership, not an immediate campaign.


If you’ve run only one campaign that’s well-received, why wouldn’t like to keep the partnership in place?

Let’s look at the most efficient ways of find Instagram influencers.

Set out your goals

The first thing to accomplish, prior to looking and reaching out to others to find out what it is you’re hoping to accomplish.

By doing this, you can determine the ideal influencer to promote your campaign and the best collaboration.

A few goals to consider include:

Sales increase

Create awareness for a new launch of a product

Find content for paid advertising campaigns.

More referrals

More downloads

Find the appropriate profile of an influencer

When you have a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish it becomes easy to determine the ideal influencer for your business.

These are the factors you must consider when selecting the future of your Instagram influencers:


Influencers can be found in all sizes. They are, in particular:

Nano influencers: 1,000 – 10,000 followers

Micro influencers: 10,000 – 50,000 followers

Mid-tier influencers: 50,000- 500k followers

Macro influencers: 500,000 – 1 million followers

Mega influencers: 1 million – 5 million followers

Celebrity influencers: More than 5 million followers

The more influential the influencer, the greater the influencer’s power, the more expensive it will cost.

It’s worth noting that having more followers isn’t always the most effective option.

88 95% of marketing professionals would prefer to work with influencers that have 100k followers or less. And 35% prefer influencers who have less than 10,000 followers.

Smaller Instagram influencers are less popular however they convert more effectively because they have a greater connection to their fans.

However, the influencers with more power have a huge reach, however the campaign may not provide a high return on investment based on the expense associated with the alliance.

Content engagement

The most crucial factor to look at is the engagement levels that your social media influencers have.

If an individual has lots of followers, but not many people are sharing, liking or commenting on posts, it could mean that the people aren’t attracted or there is a fake following.

In both instances the campaign will fail poorly.

The risk of fraud by influencers can be avoided when you examine the amount of engagement and ask your influencers to provide their data with you.


Influencers act as the link to your company’s image and the public.

Also, you should conduct an analysis of the creators of the content and the people who created it. your audience’s attracted to.

It’s evident, but each influential person’s audience is different.

Even if two influencers belong in the same industry does not mean your marketing is going to be effective.

Take a look at your audience and ensure that the target audience of the influencer is the right match.

Look into your customers

The most successful influencer campaigns are those that feel real to the people who are watching them.

It means that the person feels that they truly enjoy the product and isn’t getting paid to advertise them.

This is more crucial than people realize. The credibility of your partnership could be the key element in the success of your project.

90% of consumers believe the authenticity is the most important factor in deciding what brands they would like to believe in.

Keep this in mind: the most influential people for your business are your clients.

To find customers with influencers Look at your Instagram followers first.

You can then browse through the profiles until you come across individuals who match your criteria.

It could take some time and you must inform your customers via email that you’re looking for creatives to work together.

The search hashtags

The majority of Instagram creators make use of hashtags to get their message across to more people. Many people mean get more Instagram Likes toward your post.

As a company You can also follow hashtags that you are interested in and search for the most popular influencers.

Typically, the content of influencers will be the most popular when you are using appropriate hashtags, you should be able see the most popular influencers on the internet at the moment.

For instance, if your area of expertise is fitness then look for hashtags such as #fitness, #fitnessmotivation #nutrition, etc.

You can then browse through the material and see if anything matches your requirements.

Find influencers with similar names.

If you follow an account, Instagram recommends similar profiles.

The suggestions given are built on the habits people do.

This feature is available after you have started following influential influencers.

Explore as many profiles as you want, examining the bios and contents.

This is an excellent method of locating influencers with similar names like the ones you have already have.

Make use of Google

The reason you are reading this article implies that you’ve probably conducted a Google search to find influencers on Instagram.

Through Google it is possible to identify the top influencers at the moment in a wide range of areas.

All you have to do is to search “top influencers in your niche or industry”.

In many instances, you’ll see the most well-known influencers.

But, this approach leaves many influencers who could be perfect for your brand.

Therefore, make sure you utilize these lists as a starting research source, not as a basis in making a decision.

Create a job posting

Another option is posting your job listing on job boards such as Indeed.

Many influencers are actively searching for opportunities to collaborate via job sites which is why it’s the perfect place to start.

Apply this approach like you would when you were hiring for another job.

Define exactly what you are seeking, what you are and the amount of compensation.

The ideal situation is to find those who care about your business already and are your customers.

If this isn’t the case, collaboration could still be feasible If everything is authentic.

The final thoughts

Influencers are a topic of concern for consumers and that’s the reason you should be too.

But keep in mind that the most effective campaigns are real.

The best method to do this is engaging with influencers who enjoy your products for many years.

Lang-term campaigns are a sign of real partnerships rather than a commercial campaign to advertise something.

Follow these steps and you’ll be able to find the perfect Instagram influencers.


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