Lahore 42 News

Lahore 42 News is one of the fastest growing news publishing websites related to Lahore. It publishes news in Urdu but if you prefer English, you can use translate option in Google Chrome. You can find latest news on this website and you can also suggest any news through social media platforms, phone number, and email provided on their website.

If you subscribe to this platform via push button notifications, you can receive news about recent events, weather, prices of gold, chicken, egg, fruits, and vegetables. Lahore 42 News provides wide range of news categories.

Lahore 42 News focuses more on video content, that’s why most of the articles are shorter than other platforms. The slogan of the website is “ہر لاہریے کی خبر”.

The platform aims to provide unbiased content. If you like to read latest news about Lahore, visit now.

Main categories provided by the platform

  • Politics – If you want to read the latest politics related to Lahore, Punjab, and Pakistan, this is the website for you.
  • Bureaucracy and Government Departments – You can read news about the activities of different departments like Health Department, or LWMC etc.
  • Local Economy – You can get info about the latest prices of sugar, petrol, eggs, chicken, meat, and wheat etc.
  • Crime – You can get updates about the crime in Lahore. You can also read about ongoing cases in courts.
  • Weather – Get latest updates about weather in Lahore.
  • Education and Health – You can get updates about education and health.
  • Religion – Lahore 42 News covers news related to religious events of every community of Lahore.
  • Entertainment – Events regarding celebrities, actors, actresses, and singers etc.
  • Sports – If you are a sports fan check it out.
  • Chicken Eggs and Vegetable rates
  • Viral Leaks – Trending videos, or photos on social media platforms.
  • Latest News – This is the section where you will get the latest news.
  • Breaking –News related to a big event or incident.
  • Employment – News related to jobs available in Lahore.
  • Traffic Updates – News related to traffic disruptions and places where traffic infrastructure is weak.
  • Lahore airport
  • Marches in Lahore
  • Gold Price – Real-time and historical gold price graph

Lahore News

Lahore News is also a News website and news channel with multiple social media high following handles owned by The Dunya Media group. The group also owns Dunya News Urdu tv channel and Dunya Newspaper.

It was launched in 2017 and since than it has been a worthy competition for other news channels.

They have different categories

  • City News – In which they update people on all local events and happenings
  • Interesting Videos – Local Viral interesting videos loved by the Public
  • Education – Update on latest educational policies, admission details and exam schedules
  • Punjab Government – News on Punjab Government policies and provincial ministry’s decisions.
  • Crime and Judgement – Updates on ongoing city crimes and Judicial cases in Lahore high court and local courts.
  • Entertainment – Updates on Showbiz and local entertainment sources
  • Health – Updates on failing health ministry of Pakistan and daily problems faced by the common people
  • Trade – Updates on traders regarding Lahore’s traders
  • Sports – Sports is an important part of Lahoris lives
  • Traffic Alert – Latest traffic Updates about the roads of Lahore

Airline, Train and Bus timings -Airline timings and bus timings for travelers.

City 42

City 42 is a Lahore Based News channel and is owned by the City News Network. The network has different news channels in different cities such as City 44 based in the UK and EU, Rohi News, City 41 Faisalabad based news channel and a national channel named as 24 News HD.

It was Launched in 2008 and since then it was the only Lahore channel until Lahore News and Lahore 42 News came into the competition.

The channel broadcasts a variety of programs in Urdu and English which span from current affairs to general infotainment. They also have similar categories like the rest of the news platforms above.

  • Latest – news that affects Lahore’s public
  • Punjab Government –update on government and ministry activities
  • Programs – On latest political activities
  • Trade – Information on Loans, banks and licenses
  • Politics – From local bodies to national assembly constituencies
  • Crimes – Updates on police investigations
  • Court – Daily court verdicts
  • Culture – Lahore’s Culture and History
  • Health – Daily Covid19 cases and Dengue cases
  • Education – Admission Policies, dates and exam with Government Policies.

Lahore Rang

Lahore Rang another source of news related to Lahore. Comparatively, it covers less topic than the other sources. Its slogan is “True Colors of Lahore”. Lahore Rang tries to publish most of the content with videos, which is a plus point.

Categories covered by Lahore Rang are:

  • Entertainment – News related to showbiz.
  • Government – News related to Government’s actions and policies.
  • Health – News related to Health Department
  • Business
  • Sports – News related to sports events.
  • Education – News related to education policies.