How to get maximum ROI from your upcoming exhibitions in Dubai?

If you are planning to exhibit in an exhibition and wondering for a maximum return from your participation, here are the following tips to get started.

  • Choosing from among a set of exhibitions

There are an ample number of exhibitions to exhibit, but try to choose the exhibitions that not only meet your company’s objectives, but that is more focused on your target audience. So, try choosing the exhibition wisely.

  • Grab the opportunity by being regular at tradeshows

To reach a new customer base or to tap new markets try to attend and exhibit in more and more exhibitions within your country as well as outside your country.

  • Space booking 

Try booking for your exhibition space early and well in advance, as this will help in choosing the spot that is as per your need as this will help in designing and building your exhibition stand as per your unique ideas without compromising your requirements.

  • Be prepared and do some research beforehand


If you are exhibiting in a trade show, then try researching a bit beforehand about the exhibition attendees, as this will give you a clear picture of your target audience, as if the exhibition consists of your customer base, then it will be the right platform generating more leads.

  •  An exhibition stand is a good choice

Exhibition stands are always the main point of attraction for the attendees try, hiring an exhibition stand builder that will help in making your exhibition booth stand out from others and will help in opting for a stand that is creative as well as that perfectly matches your marketing strategy which in turn helps in enhancing your exhibition presence.

  • Catchy and short messages for branding 

Always try to avoid the long text and come up with a short and catchy slogan or tag lines that help grab the attention of attendees from afar. A short text but a bigger font will be a good option to attract attendees to your booth.

  • Promotion and advertising

Advertising is one of the best sources for advertising your product. Exhibitions are always a way to reach more people and, that will help in promoting your brand.

  • Graphics make a greater impact

If you want to grab the attention of attendees and want to convey your brand message, then try to convey with larger and more attractive graphics at your exhibition stand.

  • Attract with your invite

Invitation cards are also a very useful way to grab the attendees as the cards should be designed smartly and, you can also mention some discounts or maybe any benefits like the gifts or something beneficial to your prospects who visited you at the exhibition.

  • A platform for product launching 

Exhibitions are always considered, as the best tool for product and brand launching as through this platform you can attract a wider audience towards your exhibition stand.

  • Contest and lucky draw 

One of the best ways to convert your prospect into potential clients is by organizing a contest or, maybe a lucky draw competition wherein visitors get the chance of winning prizes this will be a better way to grab the visitors.

These are the following tips that help in getting a maximum ROI in your participation.

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