How to Remove Password from MS Access Database – Free Guide

Are you still using insecure MS Access database files? Do you want to remove password from MS Access database? Don’t worry! Now, here we are going to explain a quick and effective method to crack Access database files with just a few clicks. Let’s take a look at the entire blog to find out more about how password protected MS Access databases work.

Many Access users use passwords to protect their important database files. However, in some cases, a password-protected Access database needs to be decrypted when the user cannot remember the correct password. Okay don’t worry! After thinking about this topic. Here, we find an advanced way on how to remove MS access database. So, just check the whole blog for an instant way to open a password protected Access MDB file.

Why Do Need to Password Protect Your Database?

  • In the MS Access database, the password option not only helps you to use a password for your database to protect it, but also helps to encrypt all the entries entered in your database.
  • In other words; almost impossible normal way to make changes to the database without entering the correct password or cracking it.

This password protection feature has now been used since the first release of MS Access. And with the development of the new version, the encryption security system in Access databases is further strengthened. These security features make it too easy to secure Access databases in a more convenient way.

Automatic Solution to Remove Password from MS Access Database 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

SysTools Access Database Password Recovery is an efficient all-in-one application. If the forgotten password is generated from alphanumeric characters, the software is also capable of cracking and resetting the password by accessing the database files. This tool is programmed with very good and efficient algorithm to help MS Access File Password Remover with the best technology. The software supports clearing of various types of passwords, such as numeric, multilingual alphanumeric, UNICODE, ANSI, etc. However, this tool includes an easy to understand interface. Therefore, any user can apply this technology without the help of special knowledge. It contains some amazing features to help you remove Access database passwords without losing any information.

Complete Steps to Remove Password Protected Access Database

  • First, Download and run reliable software on your Windows computer

Download Access Password Remover Software

  • Then, find the MDB file via the Add File and Add Folder options

Click on Add File or Folder

  • Navigate to the location where the MDB file was saved to select the file. Click the Open button

Select MDB access File

  • Select the password of the user you want to reset the password for and choose the Reset or Recover button

Choose Reset or Recover Button

Manual Technique to Remove Password from MS Access Database

To perform the manual procedure, you need to remember the Access database password. If you know the correct password, you must follow the steps below. Here in this section we will discuss the instructions in order.

Remove Access 97, 2000, 2003 Database Passwords

  • First, you just need to open the Secure Access database of your choice
  • To do the same, tap the Open Folder icon and select the MDB/ACCDB database file
  • Then click the arrow next to the Open button and select the Exclusive option
  • Press Tools and select Security, then select the Unset Database Password option
  • Finally, add the proper password for the Access database and hit OK. Then the DB Access password was removed.

Access 2010 Password Protected Database

  • First, go to your Access database in exclusive mode. To do this, you must select File and select Open
  • Then click on Files and info. Then select the Decrypt Database option
  • Finally, enter the appropriate password in the Reset Data Password dialog box
  • Now, Pick OK to complete the task.

Remove Passwords from Access Database 2013 and 2016

  • First, click the File option and open it, and then click Browse
  • Now select the MDB Access Protected file in the Open dialog and select Open Exclusive
  • Next add the correct Access database password and Press OK to open it
  • Finally, click File option and then Info >> Decrypt Database to remove MS Access database password.

The above manual way can be achieved when the user remembers the correct password of a secure database. But users often experience problems like Access database password loss. So in this mode, the user can’t open and view the database. But don’t worry We have also mentioned the automatic solution to recover forgotten passwords from MS Access database.


MS Access users want to protect their valuable data, so they lock their Access databases with long and complex passwords. But sometimes users forget the password of the Microsoft Access database because of its complexity. When a user loses an Access database password, he cannot access it. So in this post, we introduce manual and advanced methods to remove password from MS access database. Therefore, the user can use any solutions according to his.

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