How to strategically exploit the newsletter footer

The footer newsletter is one of those areas of your online communication that few professionals take care of with the greatest possible attention. The reason is simple: we try to give importance to what comes first, to the most important part of an internet document.

Namely, the header of the attack. That area contains the title, first paragraph, image. And it’s only fair that your efforts focus here: several types of research, such as those by Jakob Nielsen, show that people tend to focus attention on the first part of the content.

I’m talking about above the fold. But this does not authorize you to overlook what is placed immediately after the line of the monitor or screen. In fact, especially from mobile, the tendency to browse and move on to the next stages is not forgotten. And this is where useful techniques and strategies are hidden to make the most of an ignored area such as that of the newsletter footer.

The Topic Of This post

  • 1 Role of the footer in organizing the page
  • 2 How to strategically exploit the footer
  • 3 Basic tips for improving this area
  • 4 Optimize newsletter footer: your opinion

Role of the footer in organizing the page

Before discovering how to use the final part of your strategic email, it is useful to understand what the footer is used for. Certainly not to include calls to action, offers, and conversion elements.

These points must be organized in such a way as to occupy the most visible sections of the newsletter or any other activity that may be added to the email marketing log.

What does the footer do?

He closes the section with a series of data and information, apparently not essential but which can make a difference. Can not entering this step be a problem?

It is certainly not a vital part like the one that invites the user to carry out a specific marketing action. But it can become important to work in order to get the most out of it.

How to strategically exploit the footer

Here the question goes specifically: I want to use the final part of the page to get some benefits, even minimal. In any case, I prefer not to move without a plan. What can I do? What principles should I follow to bend the newsletter footer to my web marketing strategies?

Create authority and credibility

The newsletter footer is an excellent place to insert elements capable of giving useful information to those looking for reassurance on who sent the email. For example, you can add widgets with links to your main activity, references related to the office, and the most important contacts. As:

  • Telephone number.
  • Physical address.
  • Email.

Something extra? Sure, you can add a photo box and some about me text. I always follow this rule: I trust who I can look in the face. And email communication is too delicate to risk becoming just one of the many who do spam.

Add useful links to the reader.

As with any website, the newsletter footer can be used to add hyperlinks to something else. And that you want the right people to visit. A few examples? See how the New York Times behaves: few elements, clear and simple to click.

How to improve the footer of your email.

Among the most effective solutions are the badges to indicate the social profiles of your brand. You can drive traffic to these channels or to other internal pages, or you have a different option.

You can add a link to the web version of the newsletter. Many bulk email management programs, such as Mailchimp allow you to create a mailing archive page. In order to transform the DEM or newsletter into a real page to be read on the browser.

Allow people to abandon you.

One of the essential steps to increase the credibility of your work. While it may seem counterproductive, it is important to give the user the feeling of being able to decide independently and easily what to do with your updates. Email is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with potential customers, but you risk becoming intrusive all the time. Every time.

A good example of a newsletter footer.

For what reason? The causes can be many, but to avoid problems (including legal ones), you must make it clear the possibility of abandoning the list and not receiving updates.

How? See how Hubspot does it: an obvious button, surrounded by other elements that generate credibility (photos and bio of the sender) and feedback on the work done.

Allow downloading something

For example, useful content is not necessarily related to email or a website application. For example, if you have decided to use the newsletter for e-commerce, you can update subscribers with the latest news and add buttons to download iOS and Android apps.

Basic tips for improving this area

How to work in order to obtain advantages and respect the UX? First, make sure that the footer is clearly visible from mobile, and then I recommend that you follow the rule of simplicity.

Do you know what it is that never works? The chaos, the confusion, the footers that mean everything has no reason to exist. Ignoring this area is wrong but thinking that it can solve a thousand problems is just as wrong. You risk creating confusion and making invisible what, on the other hand, could and should win attention. So, you have to organize the footer with common sense.

Those are a few links and simple goals. The rest is up to the newsletter and its main components, such as the headline, body copy, and CTA button. Each section has its own specific task.

Optimize newsletter footer: your opinion

Anyone who forgets to improve this area of ​​organized content to be sent to their leads is making a tragic mistake because a good newsletter and what you find in the email marketing universe is of crucial importance in your digital insurance business.

With one send, you can automatically reach thousands of contacts. Do you want to risk failure for not paying a minimum of attention to the footer of your content? I say no, and you?

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