Keeping healthy boundaries for successful relationships

Many of us tend to think that the more we involve ourselves in other’s lives, the closer we get to them. But in reality, things work differently. For any relationship to grow stronger, it is necessary to maintain healthy boundaries. While conversing via video calling app, some people are careless with their words. They say things they would have thought ten times before saying had the other person been physically present in front of them. These people tend to believe that while conversing online they can be more open with their thoughts and feelings. But this is a misconception because any bit of information exchanged over the internet can be saved and recorded. People can later use the evidence against you for personal benefit. Keeping boundaries online and offline is essential for your privacy and the privacy of others.

NEEO Messenger has a find friends near me feature that can help you find friends in your neighborhood. It is important to set some boundaries in the initial stage of your relationship. This way you can keep away from topics that might cause distress for you or the person you’re talking to. By setting the following boundaries you can help strengthen your relationships:

  1. Listen patiently and carefully:

When you listen to people carefully you can figure out which topics they are comfortable discussing and which ones can strike a raw nerve. And if you’re communicating via a video calling app you can tell how a person is feeling by carefully watching their gestures and expressions. Setting boundaries does not mean that you have to keep away from a topic altogether. It means that you should take things slow and give the other person time to open up instead of expecting them to answer you right away.

  1. Avoid giving unsolicited advice:

Giving advice is an act of generosity but sometimes when people confide in us, they’re not necessarily looking for advice. It could be catharsis or it could be their indirect way of letting us know how they feel about certain things. For instance, someone you befriended recently might share how she reacted when her boss at work yelled at her in front of the whole team. This might not be the best time to rationalize the situation and point out her mistakes. The best thing to do is to sympathize and let her vent. You can discuss the facts with her later once she has cooled down.

  1. Appreciate little efforts:

You may have a billion things on your wish list but you can’t expect anyone to be your genie and fulfill all your wishes. People do things according to their capacity and their own style. But whenever you see someone making even the slightest effort, always remember to appreciate them. Also, do not measure someone’s efforts by comparing them with how much you do for them. People have different ways of showing how much they care and you need to give them space to express their love in their own way.

  1. Respect difference of opinion:

Members of the same household can have different opinions but this doesn’t mean they are cut off from one another. When you connect with someone new, whether online or offline, it is safe to assume that they might have conflicting views. But differences of opinion should make your conversation more interesting. By using NEEO’s find friends near me feature you can form friendships in your neighborhood. Despite your differences, you’ll still have a lot in common. You can explore interesting places in your neighborhood together.

  1. Use humor only where necessary:

Some people think they can use humor to cross boundaries while communicating online or in the real world. This might work to some extent but it can also backfire. Use humor to change the mood if you feel the conversation is getting heavy. But if you start cracking jokes in the middle of a serious conversation, it might take away from the intensity of your bond. And when you don’t know someone too well it might not be wise to joke around too much or you might come across as a fool.

You need to give space to your partner not only physically but psychologically too. For instance, while conversing via a video calling app, avoid texting your partner constantly. This tends to take their attention away from other important things that require focus. You should be there for those who matter to you but for their own good, you should also motivate them to become independent. With NEEO Messenger users will never feel lonely since they can use the find friends near me feature to create bonds near home. Waste no more time and download the app from Play Store or the App Store for free.

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