Leh Ladakh Trip On Bike: Travel Guide


Ladakh has a special feature of Chillai Kalan, where in the cold winter months are the most severe. Despite its severity, many arrive in Ladakh because of its hospitality and serenity. Most of the people come to Ladakh for a bike trip to Leh. Most travelers choose the Manila, Himachal Pradesh path to reach Ladakh. This is because of its double advantage of Himachal tourism and you will also get a day for gradual acclimatization because of gain in altitude. There is also another way is to directly take a flight to Srinagar from Delhi. But if you are planning to do winter exploration via Srinagar through flight then ensure that you stay there at least for 2 days to acclimatize. The Leh exploration is for a 10 day trip. And here are some of its nitty-gritties to be noted for Ladakh visit and these are mentioned below.


To do things before the journey  

Before you plan the Leh Ladakh bike trip, permits to reach Leh are a must. So on day 1 you must ensure that you are ready with all the required permits to enter Ladakh. Make sure to withdraw the necessary amount of money in liquid form as the online payment system  is relatively restricted there. With respect to the cellular services, you need to get a new sim card along with a postpaid service in Leh Market. For your accommodation, there are many hostels and hotels in the way. Now the most important thing in the trip to Leh is to hire a bike on rental basis. This will make your journey more enjoyable and independent.  


Explore Leh

It is the time for you to explore Leh On day 2 on your bike as now you are equipped with necessary permissions and requirements. There are some prominent places in Leh that you can visit: Leh Palace, Gurdwara Pather Sahib, Zanskar River, Thiksey, Shey etc. On the Zanskar River you can also try some water sports activities like river rafting etc. But on this day you can make yourself easy and comfortable so that you are very much adapted to the climate of the region while not missing the joy of the journey.


From Leh to Nubra Valley 

On day 3, you must start early from Leh to reach Nubra Valley. And ensure that all your tour permits are there along with you as in South Pullu you must show all your permits for a check. After this, you will get to drive on Khardungla Pass, which is one of the highest motorable roads in India and the world. Despite its height, roads are very well laid. After this wonderful experience, you can take a halt in North Pullu where you will again show your permits to the authorities. By evening, you can complete the Nubra Valley and reach Hunder, where you can book a stay in hotels. 

The Last Indian Village

On day 4,  the time has come for you to drive to reach the last village of India called Turtuk and Takshi which are very much close to the Line of Control. Hunder is 80 kilometers drive to Turtuk and is also a center point of Turtuk and Diskit and the amazing way is filled with many bridges and villages. Among those villages is Bogdang, which is before Turtuk, which indicates that Turtuk is 20 kilometers away. In Bogdang you can stop the bike and experience the different cultural atmosphere. On the way to Turtuk you can also spot Shyok River with pure water. After Turtuk, if you have some more time you can also try and visit K2. 

After the K2 visit you must reach Hunder again and on the next day, you can reach Diskit where the famous Diskit Monastery is situated. This is a 350 years old monastery famed as the great location for Buddhists. This is a place that is home to one of the biggest statues of Buddha. There is another unique place to watch out for and these are the sand dunes that are formed in the midst of mountains, which are usually seen in deserts. Since Ladakh is also a cold desert, it shows the unique and natural landscape of it with cold sand dunes. You can also spot some of the double humped camels, which have the ability to stay without drinking water for several days. Now after the visit to Diskit along with sand dunes you can return to Leh from Diskit. The other day can be alloted to Tso Moriri, which is a lake. In this way the bike trip can be easily done in Ladakh. 

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