List of Top Selling Lloyd AC in India

The summer season is arriving soon. Air conditioners are a must to enhance your comfort and maintain a cool environment. You can enjoy unmatched cooling with the wide range of Lloyd ACs that satisfy every demographic’s cooling requirements. Though Lloyd ACs are uncomplicated in their functionality, they use the most advanced and energy-efficient technologies. You can pick the best-rated Lloyd AC price in India matching your cooling and budget requirements.

Characteristic features of Lloyd ACs:

The following features of Lloyd air conditioner make them the best choice for customers:

  • Swift cooling using 4-way swing: Lloyd ACs get Rapid Cooling technology that makes use of a 4-way cooling blade system, cooling down your room in less than two minutes.
  • BLDC motors and EEV enhance energy conservation and optical climate control: Lloyd ACs have Brushless DC Motors (BLDC) in place of conventional induction motors. The BLDC motors increase the efficiency & reliability of ACs and have low noise emission.

The Electronic Expansion Valves (EEV) control the refrigerant flow and aid efficient cooling notwithstanding varying climatic conditions outside. The premium Lloyd ACs can run at high temperatures of even 60 °C.

  • Wireless control systems: The most outstanding feature of Lloyd AC is in its wireless control feature using a Wi-Fi network. Along with turning on/off, you can also control multiple settings like temperature control, swing, mode, etc., through the mobile app.
  • 10-step inverter control features: Advanced Lloyd ACs come with 10-step inverter control functions, which means there are ten different frequencies at which the compressor can function. You can modulate the power and speed of the compressor as per the cooling requirements.
  • Twin rotary compressors for noise reduction: Lloyd is the leading silent AC brand as it uses twin rotary compressors, which help in noise reduction. These ACs have a mute mode which lowers the noise level to low levels of 20 dB.
  • Self-clean technology with 2.5 PM filters: Air filtration is one of the essential functions of AC. The premium Lloyd split ACs offer effective and robust PM 2.5 filters that can easily tackle dust particle issues by filtering out impurities present in the air.


Best-in-class Lloyd ACs you can choose from:

Lloyd 2 Ton Split AC (GLS24B32WADS) (3 Star)

This advanced AC from Lloyd with a capacity of 2 tons uses R32 refrigerant to provide enhanced cooling. The energy rating of this split AC is 3 Stars, and it is equipped with anti-bacterial and dust filters to provide a dust-free & healthy living atmosphere. This Lloyd AC uses rotary motors, which aid in efficient and heavy-duty performance. You can buy this power-packed AC from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at a discounted price of ₹ 40,000 only.

Lloyd 1.5 Ton Split AC (LS18I55WBHL) (5 Star)

You can ensure thorough and efficient cooling inside your room with this Lloyd AC having a capacity of 1.5 tons. Equipped with the latest technologies like Penta sensor, SuperFine mesh filter, filter-clean indicator, and inner grooved copper tubes, this inverter Split AC assures an upgraded cooling experience for your family. This Lloyd air conditioner uses green refrigerants, and its 5 Star rating makes it eco-friendly and helps you save extra on your energy bills. You can bring home this most sought-after Lloyd AC at the lowest price of ₹37,990 only from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

Lloyd 1 Ton Split AC (GLS12B32WCHD) (3 Star)

This Lloyd AC is crafted with utmost precision and uses advanced technologies to provide you with first-class air conditioning. This split AC is one of the leading combinations of style, power, and affordability from the house of Lloyd with a 1-ton capacity. This 3 star rated split AC is cost-efficient, consumes a low power of 1010 W, and functions without a stabilizer. The special features of this split AC include trio filters, Golden Cond & Eva cooling coils, advanced four-way swings, and valve protection covers which enhance the cooling efficiency of this AC. You can buy this budget-friendly AC from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at a low price of ₹33,990

Lloyd 1.5 Ton Split AC (LS18B32WACR) (3 Star)

Lloyd 1.5 Ton split AC is one of the latest AC models of Lloyd, which uses the PM 2.5 air filtration technology to filter out impurities and dust particles from the air along with cooling it. This AC has a rapid cooling technology that achieves a cooling up to 18°C in just 45 seconds. This AC is fitted with Golden Eva coils, a multi-fold evaporator, and copper condensers to enhance cooling efficiency. You can remotely control this split AC using the remote control features. This split AC also has auto-restart and self-diagnosis functions to improve user experience. You can buy this advanced AC from Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at a discounted price of ₹33,900 only.

Lloyd 1.5 Ton Window AC (LW19A3N) (3 Star)

 Lloyd window ACs are very energy-efficient, and they require very low maintenance and installation charges, which makes them the best choice if you are looking for a good AC on a low budget. This Lloyd air conditioner has a capacity of 1.5-ton, making it the best fit for a medium-sized room with an area of 150 square feet. This window AC has advanced features like Cold Catalyst technology, auto-protect functions, and intelligent defrosting, enhancing cooling efficiency. At Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, this window AC price is ₹24,990


Lloyd is one of the few brands with its manufacturing plant in India, making it the affordable Top AC brand in India. Lloyd is the best option if you plan to buy a new AC. Equipped with advanced cooling features, Lloyd ACs provide you with good value for money.

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