Make your Booth Accessible to Everyone with these Trade Display Ideas

Trade show booth planning is such immense that exhibitors always tend to forget one thing or the other. But sometimes these things lead to the failure of their trade show booths. One of the important things that most of the exhibitors overlook while designing and building their trade show exhibit display is accessibility. At times, exhibitors get so overwhelmed and involved in building an extravagant booth that they forget or ignore to make their booth disabled-friendly.

It is the duty of every exhibitor or brand to come up with trade show display design ideas that make their products and services accessible to everyone. This will definitely put a good impression of your brand over visitors that you’ve gone the extra mile to make the booth disabled-friendly.

If you are having a hard time looking for some ideas to make your booth disabled-friendly then no need to worry. We are providing some easy trade display ideas that will make your trade show booths accessible to everyone for an upcoming trade show.

Booth Layout

No matter if you are having a 10×10 booth display or a 20×20 trade show booth builders usa, the layout of your booth must be designed in a way that would make it easy to maneuver around without crowding the booth.

In other words, the space between the display element and each counter must be enough to move around freely without feeling immobile for anyone with a wheelchair. Along with this, there must be enough space left for the rest of the visitors to pass through too.

Booth Flooring

Flooring is one of the most important elements of the booth, especially when you have to make your booth disabled-friendly. We are mentioning some trade display ideas to ensure that the flooring of your booth is accessible to everyone.

  • Design a ramp rather instead of steps to access the booth if you have a raised floor.
  • In case you want to use a carpet, make sure that is properly secured to the floor.
  • It is advisable to avoid carpeting the trade booth, as the chances of the wheelchair or crutches getting stuck in it increase.
  • Try not to use any slippery flooring materials.

Booth with an Upper Deck

If your trade show stand contractors has an upper deck then it is your responsibility to ensure that there’s a ramp to get to the top. This becomes specifically important when you have a conference room on the upper deck. However, it is ideal to make your private conference rooms on the ground level.

The Height of Trade Show Elements 

You must not place the trade show display products in the convention booth displays at a height taller than 4 feet. Pay heed to ensure that the products are placed in a way that they can be seen and used easily. This also applies in the case you are using any interactive display. In case you have any seating furniture, ensure that it can easily be replaced for people in wheelchairs.

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